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Why You Should Have A Plumbing Company Replace The Water Filters In Your Home | Mesa, AZ

Why You Should Have A Plumbing Company Replace The Water Filters In Your Home | Mesa, AZ

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Residential water filtration systems are part of your home’s plumbing system that ensures you get clean water free of contaminants and impurities for drinking and cooking. People with weakened immune systems depend on the water filtration systems for purified water because of their vulnerability to microbial contaminants. The filters are responsible for improving the taste and quality of water by eliminating all disease-causing organisms.

Problems with water filters are prone to occur, compromising the quality of the drinking water. You should hire a professional plumber from a reputable plumbing company in Mesa, AZ, to identify the problem and do the needful. The contractor might recommend replacing the water filter if it is not performing by providing tasty, refreshing, and healthy water for you and your family. Here are some of the reasons you should replace your water filter.

Metallic Taste

If the drinking water in your home has a metallic taste, you should consider replacing your water filtration system. The filters are responsible for removing all the contaminants in the water, improving its taste by effectively reducing the amount of lead, cysts, calcium, and magnesium minerals found in the municipal water getting into your house.

A trained plumber from a local plumbing company installs an ion exchanger water filter to soften the hard water, eliminating the metallic taste. If you notice a metallic taste in water, the filter has malfunctioned hence the need to contact a plumbing professional to get a certified plumber to replace the water filtration systems as soon as possible.

Bad Odors

Bad smells such as chlorine in your drinking water are another reason for purchasing and installing a new water filter. The chlorine might be coming from a myriad of different sources, compromising the drinking water. With a water filter in your home, water should be clear of any odor.

However, the water from your faucets might have a sulfur or chlorine smell, evidence the water filters are not efficient in removing all impurities and chemicals from the municipal water.

Therefore, getting a licensed and qualified plumber from a nearby plumbing company to replace the malfunctioned water filtration system is necessary. The new and more efficient water filter should remove all the chemicals at peak performance for clean, odorless, and healthy drinking water that will promote the health of people living in your house.

Floating Bits of Mold

People should consider changing their water filtration system once they notice black bits of mold floating in filtered water fetched from a faucet. Mold grows in places with water or fluids, and clean water lines with spores are not an exception. The mold growth arises due to most plumbing issues, such as cracked pipes that allow spores to penetrate and start growing.

The water lines are rich in oxygen to promote the growth of mold spores. The mold might also arise due to a lack of regular maintenance and cleaning by a plumber from a trustworthy plumber.

If your water filter is functioning smoothly, it might take time to notice the mold in your water system. The black moldy bits in your filtered water can cause health problems and allergic reactions that might lead to a sizable dent in your pockets to treat.

Therefore, you should call a locally-owned plumbing company for a professional plumber to clean the entire water unit with disinfectants to get rid of any traces of spores. The expert in water systems will also replace the water filter with a more advanced one to ensure no more mold spores in the system.

Cracked Water Filters

Homeowners in Mesa, AZ, should opt for water filter replacement if the one theirs is damaged, allowing dirt and other contaminants to pass through. The crack in the water filtration system is likely to occur during winter because of freezing temperatures.

If your water filter has water in it on low-temperature days, it might freeze, expand and crack, which will not effectively eliminate impurities. To prevent freezing, an expert from a reputable plumbing company can recommend insulation of the filters.

The water filtration system can also get cracked due to sediment build-up leading to increased water pressure that could burst the pipe. The broken water filters will not function smoothly, exposing your family to health issues arising from dirty and contaminated water. For that reason, you should hire an expert from a licensed and bonded plumbing company to carry out the urgent replacement of the water filtration system.

Slippery Water

If the filtered water coming out from your faucets is slippery to touch, you should start planning for a replacement. Soft water has high concentrations of sodium and potassium ions that make water slimy.

Plumbers from a full-service plumbing company install the ion-exchange water filtration system to neutralize the water by removing the negative and positively charged ions to make drinking water tasty and healthy.

The slippery water supplied to the household shows that the ion-exchange water filtration system is faulty, hence the need for a trusted contractor from the best plumber in the city to replace it.

Expired Water Filter

Most equipment has an expected life span or shelf life, and water filters are not an exception. After reaching their expiry date, water filtration systems are prone to have problems that will allow impurities and potentially harmful contaminants to pass through to the use point.

If the water filter has bacteria-killing chemicals, it might stop being effective after its expiry date. So, it is best to know the expiration day of your water filter to have an early replacement by an experienced plumber from a local plumbing company.

Reach Out for Professional Services!

If the water filter in your home is expiring, malfunctioning or cracked, you should opt to call Schroeder Plumbing for the best replacement services. We are a reputable plumbing company serving residential property owners in and around Mesa, AZ, for more than 40 years. Our qualified plumbers work 24/7 to meet your plumbing needs, including installations, repairs, and replacements.

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