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Why You Should Have A Plumber Inspect Your Plumbing Routinely | Mesa, AZ

Why You Should Have A Plumber Inspect Your Plumbing Routinely | Mesa, AZ

Old rusty plumbing pipes often are a culprit in most of the plumbing-related issues at your Mesa, AZ, residential or commercial property. In most cases, the plumbing pipes are out of sight running behind the walls, below your home’s plumbing system, and even under your yard. This means that you cannot see it deteriorate with age as time passes by.

The clogs and leakages could take unavoidable damage or a toll on your plumbing system over some duration. Hence, wear and tear are almost assured. In addition, the use of harsh drain cleaners and the lack of the necessary maintenance increasingly contribute to this. Hence, before the pipes fall prey to the many factors that contribute to their deterioration as time progresses, ensure you seek or enlist the services of a plumber to inspect them and repair the damaged parts or replace them. So, what are the reasons that might mandate you to seek a plumbing professional in Mesa, AZ to inspect your plumbing system’s piping? Below are some of them:

Debris Buildup

Are you the sort of a homeowner that minds what you throw down the drains or sinks? Then you could probably avoid this problem. However, various things that you flush down the drains can result in an obstruction when they get stuck along the entire length of your plumbing system pipes. Hair, grime, grease, food wastes, napkins, towels, toothpaste caps, coins, soap scum, and soap particles can potentially clog your plumbing pipes.

Other than obstructing your pipes, the debris buildup in your pipes can also result in persistent foul stenches that you can notice whenever using your bathroom. Clogged drains can also burst the drainage pipes, resulting in expensive repairs and replacements. Therefore, you must enlist the assistance of a trustworthy and professional plumber to have your pipes inspected. The professionals will repair any problem they notice promptly and timely. In addition, inspecting the drainage system ensures that the drainage system and water line are clear, giving you peace of mind.

Wear and Tear

Wear and tear are natural because the pipes aren’t designed to last forever. Instead, the plumbing system at your home works 24/7 over the years under the exposure of various factors like fluctuating weather conditions and the shifting ground, which contribute to their wear and tear. Thus, they are subjected to consistent wear and tear in one way or another.

However, since the plumbing system is away and off our sight, most homeowners ignore this common fact. Some assume that the pipes cannot become damaged since they run under the floors and behind the walls. Whenever you shower, wash the dishes, wash clothes, or use your toilers, the pipes drive away from the wastewater and deliver clean water, meaning they are constantly at work.

The debris traveling through the drains might clog them or scratch the inner pipes, resulting in leaks if they arise consistently. The wastes might also have corrosive properties and eat up the interiors of your steel or copper pipes, resulting in deterioration. To rule out any wear and tear or know the condition of your pipe’s interiors, enlist the help of a plumber to inspect your plumbing. Armed with an inspection camera, the professional will take no time to thoroughly inspect your pipes’ interiors and resolve any present issue.

Invading Tree Roots

The other reason your plumbing system could sustain wear and tear over time is the invasion by the tree roots. These roots might extend underneath the ground and reach your pipes. This is something you don’t want happening. The roots near your plumbing lines might cause bursting or cracking, resulting in water wastage. However, the drains and sewer lines are rich with nutrients, attracting the tree roots to the brimming water, oxygen, and nutrients. All these are food for the trees.

Hence, these roots are drawn to the underground water pipes. They penetrate through the pipes, leaving cracks and damaging them. In addition, they may result in sewer backups in your home. Therefore, it is necessary to seek professional assistance to have them inspected promptly before many damages arise. The plumber might recommend cutting off the vegetation or refuting the pipes.


Over the years, earthquakes and earth movements may damage the integrity of your plumbing system. If your home sits on a fault line or an area that frequently experiences seismic activities, you should be wary and consider seeking the inspection services, and a plumber can help you with that. They can also offer services to ensure that your pipes are protected from the effects of the earth’s movements.

Whenever an earthquake strikes your home, the tectonic plates beneath the ground start shifting. This causes severe damage to your plumbing and could squash your plumbing pipes. Because of the reasons above, the plumbing pipes are exposed to a considerable risk of damage. Additionally, they are left sustaining frequent wear and tear. However, the real problem lies within a homeowner being capable of remaining aware of this occurrence.

Because the plumbing pipes are often away from your site, you do not realize the extent to which they are exposed to routine wear and tear and the high risks of damage. Enlist the help of a professional plumber to have the pipes regularly inspected and maintained to spot any hidden issues or damages. If the professional notices a problem, they will take the appropriate measures to remedy it.

Outdated Plumbing Material

The other reason to be wary of your plumbing pipe’s condition is that many old homes use outdated plumbing materials made from steel or lead. These buildings require modern construction and repiping to ensure safety and compliance with various construction codes. Because of the various concerns, certain plumbing materials and pipes are banned in countries and states.

Hence, if you plan to purchase an old home or have purchased one, it could be wise to hire a plumber in Mesa, AZ, to inspect the condition of your pipes. You also get the chance to spot any clogs or leaks and address them in time before they turn catastrophic.

From the above, you can see that enlisting a professional plumber for plumbing inspection is critical. It ensures that you stay a step ahead of any plumbing issue. Do you need to have your plumbing inspected by a professional plumber? Contact us at Schroeder Plumbing today. Our professionals are equipped with modern tools to ensure they perform the inspection effectively and perform any repairs.

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