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Why High-Pressure Drain Cleaning From Your Plumbing Service Is Best For Your Home | Mesa, AZ

Why High-Pressure Drain Cleaning From Your Plumbing Service Is Best For Your Home | Mesa, AZ

Clogged pipes and drains are common issues that most plumbing companies, including Schroeder Plumbing in Mesa, AZ, handle. The blockages in the drainage system can cause multiple problems such as the nasty smell of rotting food or waste, standing water, and gurgling sounds in mild cases.

In extreme cases, the clog in your drains can cause wastewater backups and indoor floods if the shutoff valve is inoperable. The blockage that forms in the drainage system might result from an accumulation of dirt, debris, grease, grime, food particles, small objects, or tree intrusions.

Fortunately, plumbing service experts can use a high-pressure drain cleaning method to address the drain problems. But before discussing the benefits of high-pressure drain cleaning, you should know there are various drain cleaning techniques that plumbers can use to clean drains, such as:

Chemical Drain Cleaning Method

The plumbing technicians from a reputable plumbing company use alkaline or acidic chemicals in solid or liquid form to clean the drains in local homes. They pour the chemical inside the drainage system to dislodge all the organic particles or dirt, causing a clog.

Qualified plumbers avoid using the chemicals because they can cause significant damage to the drainage system. The chemicals can be harsh to the pipes leading to additional plumbing issues such as corroded pipes that can cause leaking. They can also burn the skin of the plumbing contractors, compelling them to spend on medications and treatment.

Snake Draining Cleaning

Another common technique of eliminating dirt and debris from sanitary drainage systems is using a long, thick, and flexible tool. The equipment is called a snake or a plumbing auger. It has a corkscrew in the snake tool that drills the clog in the drain, disintegrating it to allow wastewater to flow freely to the septic tank or the municipal sewer line.

Air Burst Drain Cleaning

Plumbing service providers can also use accelerated gas to clean out the blockage in the drains. The carbon dioxide creates a force that removes the accumulated dirt in the drain pipes. It is better compared to snake and chemical methods because it can disintegrate clogs far to reach parts of the drainage pipes.

Hydro Jetting Technique

It is also known as the high-pressure drain cleaning method, which is the focus of this blog. The technique is the most advanced in plumbing service companies to clean drains in houses. It uses high-pressure water to force the clog out of the drainage system.

The hydro-jet entails a hosepipe that connects to a power nozzle that helps push the high-pressure water through the drains, completely removing all the obstructions resulting from food, soap scum, mineral deposits, hair, or grease.

Why Is the High-Pressure Method the Best?

Compared to the snake, chemical, and air burst techniques, the high-pressure method proves to be the most advanced. It is superior to the other methods because of the following reasons:


The hydro-jet or high-pressure drain cleaning technique is the most preferred by plumbing service providers in Mesa, AZ because it clears out the clog in the drains without leaving traces of dirt regardless of the clog being organic or not.

Other methods might require using more than one technique to ensure all the accumulated dirt and debris clear out while the hydro jet effectively dislodges the clog on the first try. Its effectiveness results from the nozzles pushing the high-pressured water in different directions inside the drains, blasting the clog out of the drainage system.


Another reason why the hydro jet technique is the best is cost-related. The high-pressure drain cleaning method is cheaper compared to the other strategies. The plumbing service provider utilizes the hydro jet and water to start cleaning the drains, compared to the chemical method that requires the purchase of solid or liquid chemicals or the airburst that needs gas such as carbon dioxide to dislodge the clog in the drainage system.

Environmentally Safe

Using the high-pressure drain cleaning method is safe for the plumbing service providers and the inhabitants of your home. The chemical method is dangerous to the drainage system and human health.

The acidic or alkaline chemicals can facilitate rusting of the pipes, causing significant damage to your wooden, aluminum, and fiberglass surfaces in the kitchen, laundry area, or bathroom. When the acid gets in contact with grass or trees, it can affect their growing capabilities.

Healthwise, the chemicals can make the plumbers blind or burn their skin if it gets to the eyes or falls on their skin. They exercise high caution when using acidic solid or liquid drain cleaning chemicals. Exposure to drain cleaning chemicals can make you or your family suffer from respiratory health issues.

Hiring a plumbing service expert ensures the highest professionalism and caution when handling the chemicals. They understand the dangers of carelessly leaving the chemicals to children’s reach, thus disposing of the used bottles or tools far to prevent accidents.

Faster Than Other Methods

Compared to the chemical, airburst, and snake drain cleaning strategies, the high-pressure method is excellent because it eliminates the clog from the drains faster. The other techniques require the plumbing service provider to push a snake tool inside the drain or push the clogging dirt and debris out.

The process can be tedious for the plumber and might consume a lot of time to remove the obstacles causing the obstruction. The hydro-jet technique will clear out the clog faster and efficiently, saving the plumbing service expert time.

Eliminates Bad Smell

When the clog in your kitchen or bathroom drains has lasted a couple of days or weeks, nasty odors will permeate your environment because of the smelly rotting organic obstruction of human waste in the drains. Using the high-pressure drain cleaning method will remove the clog and the awful smell that could cause health complications.

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