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What Can Your Plumber Find With Video Inspection?

What Can Your Plumber Find With Video Inspection?

In many ways, general plumbing services haven’t changed in the last 50 years. Plumbing pros deal with a lot of water, metal fixtures, drain clogs, and leaks. On the other hand, the industry has come a long way with its innovative solutions like new materials used for repairing damaged pipes and technological solutions like video camera inspection. Sometimes the only way a plumber can diagnose a plumbing problem accurately is with video inspection. At Schroeder Plumbing, we offer professional plumbing solutions that include video inspection service. Our licensed plumbing pros can use cameras to inspect plumbing problems in order to apply the ideal repair. If you’re experiencing any type of plumbing issue at your residential or commercial property.

What Is In-Line Camera Inspection?

Small waterproof cameras have provided the plumbing industry with tremendous benefits. It’s tough to imagine how plumbing technicians decades ago managed to diagnose serious plumbing problems without them. An experienced plumber can typically troubleshoot common issues customers might be experiencing. A clog is an obvious enough problem–and the needed repair is to clear it. But what happens when normal strategies used to clear basic clogs don’t work?

A plumber might need to send an in-line camera into the plumbing system to determine what’s lodged in the pipe, where a clog is located, or if there’s pipe damage. If a pipe has collapsed, hydro jetting or augering won’t fix it. The technician will need to access the damaged area and replace the collapsed section of the pipe. Video inspection makes it easier for a plumbing technician to make repairs.

Sometimes the nature of a clog demands certain techniques. For example, a foreign object caught, like a child’s rubber ball, might require a different approach than a grease clog. Video camera inspection is an important tool for the plumbing industry, and our company is happy to offer this service to customers.

What Can Video Inspection Find in Plumbing Systems?

Our plumbing professionals have found all sorts of things in plumbing systems that shouldn’t be there. The fact is, the only things that should flow through your pipes are water, human waste, and toilet tissue. Anything else can cause problems like pipe buildup or stubborn drain clogs. Some of the most common debris/items that video camera inspections can identify include:

Tree Roots

Tree roots are a major headache for property owners when they get into an underground pipe like the sewer line. Property owners are responsible for the portion of the sewer line that runs from the home or business to the city sewer system. So, when this pipe develops a problem like a clog or damage caused by tree roots, it’s up to the property owner to make the repair. If you have a clogged sewer line, you’ll need the skilled services of a trained plumber to address it. In some cases, video camera inspection may be needed if traditional techniques aren’t working to clear the roots. There may be pipe damage that requires repair.


Hair is a common cause of clogs. Hair, especially longer strands of hair, can become mired in your pipes, especially if the pipes contain grease or lots of soap residue. The hair can get caught in the grease and cause a clog to form. As more grease, soap, or additional hair flows down the drain, it can accumulate at the clog site, causing the clog to get even bigger. Over time, the end result is a slow drain and then a full-blown clog with standing water.

Toilet Paper and Wipes

Some toilet paper dissolves better than others, and sometimes paper products like wipes don’t dissolve. Instead, they cause pipe blockages. Video camera inspections frequently find that the cause of stubborn drain clogs is wipes or an abundance of toilet tissue.


Yes–it’s happened! Unwelcome visitors can get stuck in plumbing systems. Generally, a pest like a snake only gets into a drain pipe because there’s a rupture. If a snake gets in the drain, it can prevent the flow of water. Damaged underground pipes can attract other pests as well. The sooner these pipes are fixed, the sooner you can reduce the threat of pests getting into your plumbing system.


Grease is one of the most common causes of drain clogs. Although typical drain-clearing techniques like augering and hydro jetting can usually clear up grease clogs, a seriously grease-filled plumbing system might clog frequently. If you have frequent clogs, a video camera inspection can shed light on why. You might need to have your entire plumbing system hydro-jetted to remove stubborn grease buildup.

Mineral Buildup

Mineral buildup can cause the interior of your pipes to actually narrow. That means that there’s less room for wastewater and toilet tissue. As other debris like soap residue or grease gets caught up in the line, the likelihood of frequent blockages increases. A camera inspection will quickly reveal the condition of your pipes. If there’s hard water mineral buildup, you can benefit from a descaling service.

Video Camera Inspection for Pipe Damage

Pipes can become damaged for all sorts of reasons, but it’s awfully difficult to determine the nature of the damage without an in-line camera designed for plumbing systems. A cracked pipe will require a different repair than a collapsed pipe, which usually requires replacement. A video camera inspection helps plumbing technicians make an accurate assessment of the problem so they can recommend the right solution.

If you are searching for experienced plumbing video inspection or need other plumbing services, contact us to schedule a service call.

At Schroeder Plumbing, our plumbing pros are certified and experienced. We offer a wide range of plumbing services for both commercial and residential customers throughout the region. We have a reputation for our expertise and friendly service. Get in touch to learn more about our professional plumbing solutions.

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A Plumber Explains Rerouting: What It Is And When You Need It

A Plumber Explains Rerouting: What It Is And When You Need It

A kitchen or bathroom remodel often requires you to run new pipes. Whether moving a fixture or installing a new one, a water supply line will be needed. In most homes, pipes are hidden behind walls or otherwise inaccessible.

A plumber may do a reroute, which bypasses the existing plumbing. The professional may also recommend a reroute if there is a slab leak. The following article explains what rerouting is, where it might be necessary, and lists some important things to consider.

What Is A Plumbing Reroute?

A house’s plumbing system supplies and removes water. Water pipes supply fixtures and appliances with water, while drain pipes get rid of the wastewater outside the home.

Whenever these pipes need to be relocated, you can talk of rerouting. A plumber reroutes a pipe by capping it off and transferring its water flow to other lines. A reroute may mean moving a fixture to another location. It can also include replacing old pipes, laying new ones, and creating new pipe entry and exit points.

You can do a reroute in different ways. Factors such as costs and type of renovation will often affect your choice. The easiest reroute is to lay new pipes in the existing cavities. This allows you to use flexible materials and does not require extensive restoration. Where this is not possible or desirable, a plumbing expert may run the pipes through a wall chase.

A chase is a false wall that hides plumbing and can run from floor to floor. Running a line through the attic will most likely require a wall chase. You could also use a laundry chute. A full reroute involves making new holes and cavities and bypassing the old water or sewer line.

Plumbing rerouting is a challenging process. And you should always hire a reputable plumbing company. Even moving a sink a few feet requires skill and experience. Water supply lines are under constant pressure, and a slight mistake can compromise the whole system.

The same applies to drain lines. Improper installation can expose you to foul smells and gases, which could result in severe sickness. A professional has the experience and tools to safely and efficiently reroute pipes.

When Is A Plumbing Reroute Necessary?

  1. Slab Leak

Common household leaks can waste 10,000 gallons of water a year. If you think your water bill is too high, it could be due to a slab leak. When a pipe breaks in a concrete slab, it often goes unnoticed until you find visible damage.

Cracked walls, pooling water, damaged floors, mold, and mildew are all signs of a broken pipe under the slab. A slab leak will damage the foundation and lead to expensive repairs. It will also affect the rest of the plumbing system. The best way to fix this leak is a reroute. You won’t be destroying your floor tiles or breaking through concrete.

Instead, a plumbing technician will find the entry and exit points of the affected pipe, cap it off, and lay a new line. Depending on the line, the technician may run it through the walls, the attic, or outside your home.

  1. Remodel

Another reason you may need a reroute is if you are doing a remodel. You may want to move the sink or add one to the kitchen island when remodeling a kitchen. You will need new lines to supply water and remove waste.

The process may be more difficult when adding a new bathroom, as the technician must ensure proper drainage and ventilation.

  1. Moving Fixtures

You also need a rerouting specialist to move a washing machine, a toilet, or a fixture. New appliances will also require their own supply and drain lines.

Things To Consider

Plumbing rerouting is often pretty straightforward and can take a few hours to several days, depending on the extent of the project. Laying new pipes is only part of the process. Here are a few things you need to consider.

  1. Costs

A reroute is not as costly as it sounds. Though you will end up with drywall repairs and renovations, a professional will keep the damage to a minimum. Repairing a slab leak through rerouting is simpler and more cost-effective than breaking up a slab. In a remodel, the cost will depend on the distance the new route has to cover.

The longer the new pipes need to be, the costlier the project will be. The size of your home matters, too. Rerouting in a multi-story home is much more technical than in a single-story one. If the technician has difficulty accessing the piping, labor and costs will increase, too.

  1. Permits

Most localities require you to get a permit before laying new piping. Ask your plumber if you need one in your city. If you do, the technician will most likely obtain one for you. Hiring a professional will also ensure compliance with local codes.

It May Not Always Be The Best Option

Sometimes a slab leak is a result of a more severe plumbing issue. If the cause is an aging system, you will continue to have problems. A failing plumbing system will also lead to further water damage, the second leading cause of property insurance claims.

Hire a local plumbing expert who can correctly assess your situation. Sometimes a reroute will not solve a complex system, and you may need to do a whole-home repipe.

Do You Need a Repipe? Call Schroeder Plumbing.

Schroeder Plumbing is your trusted plumbing expert. We offer various services, including rerouting and repiping.

Our licensed and insured technicians will thoroughly inspect your home’s plumbing and provide the best solution. Contact us today for a free estimate.


Rerouting plumbing can be a cost-efficient solution to several plumbing problems. It is also an essential part of most remodels or renovations. To ensure it is done correctly, always hire the services of a licensed plumber. This will save you a lot of future headaches and costly repairs.

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How Choosing the Finest Plumbing Service Will Improve Your Home Environment

How Choosing the Finest Plumbing Service Will Improve Your Home Environment

Drainage is an essential aspect of every home or industrial building. Every household needs access to plumbing professionals to help maintain its drainage system. Finding a company with professional plumbers may be challenging if you don’t know what to look for. Choosing a professional will help avoid serious drainage issues and save money in the long run.

How Professional Plumbing Can Improve Your Home

Professional plumbing is essential to maintaining a healthy and comfortable home environment. Here are five ways in which choosing the finest plumbing service can improve your home:

Prevents Water Damage and Mold Growth

Leaking pipes and fixtures can cause significant water damage to your home, leading to costly repairs and potential health hazards. Professionals can quickly identify and repair leaks, preventing water damage and mold growth. By addressing leaks promptly, you can avoid the need for expensive repairs and protect your family’s health.

Improves Water Flow and Prevents Backups

Clogged drains and pipes can cause water to back up, leading to unpleasant odors and potential health hazards. The finest plumbing service can clear clogs and improve water flow, ensuring your system operates efficiently. Maintaining proper water flow helps prevent backups that may cause flooding.

Increases Efficiency and Reduces Water Wastage

Outdated plumbing fixtures can waste water and increase your utility bills. Professional plumbers can repair or replace outdated fixtures, improving efficiency and reducing water waste. Upgrading your plumbing fixtures can save money on your utility bills.

Techniques for Selecting the Right Plumber

To choose a competent plumbing company to work with, here are some factors you should consider:

Quality of Service

You can find out the quality of a company’s services by checking the service agreement. This document can be found online and indicates the duration employees take to complete tasks. Most companies require payment when the work is complete, showing confidence in the final results. If a company can guarantee high-quality services, it’s a good idea to trust them to serve you. Schroeder Plumbing provides high-quality services to home and business owners.

References and Past Reviews

Consulting references is an excellent way to get more information on a company’s services. Companies usually keep records of their previous clients, and you can request to speak to them to know their opinions. You need at least three references and can easily find them on company websites. Past reviews also paint a clear picture of the service delivery. Previous clients’ opinions may differ, but if most of them incline toward the positives of the company, then it might be a good idea to choose it. Schroeder Plumbing has had numerous positive reviews from past clients, making it a good choice for your plumbing needs.

Get Job Estimates

Cost is a crucial factor in plumbing work. Obtain quotes from different companies to compare their pricing and service quality. You should choose the one that’s reasonably priced and fits your budget. A company quoting very low prices may offer poor quality services, whereas a highly-priced quotation may be subjected to customer exploitation. Find out why a company asks for certain amounts to ensure you know what you’re paying for and to determine whether it’s worth it.

Plumbing Equipment

To offer high-quality service, a plumber must have the right tools for the job. Ensure a company has the appropriate equipment to fulfill your needs for the best results. A company that is serious about its service delivery ensures workers have the right equipment to do their jobs appropriately. Schroeder Plumbing provides its employees with advanced tools to help them do their jobs efficiently. The company has various tools, and the employees are well-trained to operate them.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Plumber

Hiring a professional contractor has various benefits. These include:

You’re Assured That Your Work Will Be Completed

Whenever you have issues with your plumbing system, no matter how complex, a professional plumber will have it fixed. Professional contractors usually have years of experience and can handle any plumbing issue. They have critical thinking skills and expertise to handle contingencies and detect problems you may not have detected yourself.

You Get Premium Services at a Fair Price

A professional contractor often provides optimum quality materials at the lowest possible prices. They know what’s best for your plumbing system and charge prices that match their services. Once your system is fixed, it takes a while before you need the plumbers again since their solutions are effective and long-lasting. Choosing a cheaper, less qualified contractor leads to more frequent repairs, costing you more money over time. Premium services from a professional will save you the headache of frequent repairs and your money.

Expert Guidance

Hiring an expert gives you access to professional tips and advice. Taking care of your plumbing system ensures that it lasts longer. You can take better care of your plumbing system through tips and advice from a professional. Plumbing technicians are uniquely trained and have the relevant knowledge regarding the best ways to maintain all kinds of plumbing systems.

Detailed Diagnostics

When diagnosing a problem, professional plumbers know what to look out for. They have the appropriate equipment to detect various plumbing system problems. These tools help quickly detect problems and solve them before they get worse. Plumbers can also run manual tests to see how the overall plumbing system works and provide a more detailed diagnosis.

Multiple Services

Through the extensive training that professional contractors undergo, you can access various specialists when you make one phone call to a reliable company. Some businesses specialize in a single service, whereas others have multiple services with specialized professionals. If you choose a company that offers various services, you get access to any plumbing service you may require.

For a professional plumbing service, our company, Schroeder Plumbing, offers professional services you can rely on. We have experts who can come to your home or business premises and help fix your plumbing systems. Call us access our services.

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Common Sewer Inspection Camera Woes Every Homeowner Should Know: Insights From Your Trusted Plumber

Common Sewer Inspection Camera Woes Every Homeowner Should Know: Insights From Your Trusted Plumber

A sewer inspection camera is a valuable diagnostic device used by professionals to find out if there’s a problem within your sewer or drain line. One good thing about these handy modern plumbing tools is they can get to hard-to-reach and tight spaces. This saves plumbers time in diagnosing and fixing issues that would otherwise have taken long if digging a trench into your underground plumbing was the case. Again, visual inspection is a more accurate and less-invasive method of detecting sewer problems.

However, like any plumbing equipment, pipe inspection cameras aren’t 100 percent reliable. Sometimes, your plumbing service provider may encounter one or more issues when using these devices to check the condition of your underground pipes. Here are a few of them.

The Camera Can’t Find A Connection

Most modern sewer line cameras rely on wireless connectivity to function. Poor or no connection can make it difficult for the camera to relay images as required. Often, connectivity issues will be caused by things such as interference, compatibility, and distance.

To prevent this, technicians should ensure the camera is positioned within the connection range and there are no nearby obstructions. They can also adjust the frequency or change the channel to avoid interference.

The Camera Is Transmitting Poor Images

Several factors can contribute to the poor image quality produced by video sewer inspection cameras, including the lens quality, lighting, and the camera’s resolution. All of these result in a distorted or blurry image. The solution is to have the lens cleaned, and the expert should adjust the camera’s focus line accordingly.

Suppose the plumbing technician has already done this, but the problem isn’t yet solved. In that case, the lighting in that area is the culprit. In such a case, extra lighting might be necessary. Alternatively, the technician can use another inspection camera with a higher resolution power.

Damaged Camera Cable

The sewer line camera’s cable is crucial as it ensures the camera reaches tight spaces. Once the cable is damaged, the camera is rendered useless. The camera cable can malfunction due to careless handling, poor storage, or exposure to jagged objects.

Applying too much force on the cable or yanking it when operating the camera can also affect its effectiveness. The operator may not notice this problem immediately until their next plumbing project. So the plumber must take great care when using the camera to avoid damaging the cable.

The Camera’s Field Of View Is Limited

The size of the area to be captured in a single image is determined by the camera’s field of view. If there’s limitless capacity, the video camera might produce an incomplete image that can cause your hired plumbing contractor to make an inaccurate plumbing diagnosis.

The Water damages the Sewer Camera

Even though the standard sewer cameras are designed to stand harsh elements, some models aren’t weather-proof. Hence, when water gets into the camera’s internal components, it can malfunction the equipment.

Nonetheless, professional plumbing companies nowadays employ waterproof sewer line cameras when conducting plumbing inspections.

An issue will most likely arise if you hire an unscrupulous plumbing company that works with outdated camera models. So, always exercise due diligence to find a reputable plumbing contractor in your city.

Camera Incompatibility With Other Devices

Inspection cameras usually don’t work alone. They have to be partnered with other devices like smartphones or laptops. This arrangement is convenient because the camera needs an output mechanism to send the successfully captured images.

A laptop is often a sewer camera’s ideal companion. In case the two are incompatible, the required plumbing inspection will not be possible. To avoid this problem, your plumber should perform compatibility tests before proceeding with the sewer check.

Outdated software and faulty drivers are other factors that may cause camera incompatibility. Thus, the plumbing tech will also need to establish the presence of these problems before commencing an underground visual inspection.

The Camera’s Battery Life Is Short

Sewer cameras depend on the batteries to work. Expect the plumbing job to take longer if the camera’s battery is low. Battery life may be affected by its size or frequency of use. For this reason, plumbing experts should consider cameras with large battery capacity when working on a big project.

Another way of getting around the issue is having spare batteries readily available for backup. It’s also wise for the plumbing tech to fully charge the sewer inspection camera before using it. That’s why it’s good to always work with professional plumbing experts.

Poor or Insufficient Camera Lighting

Proper camera lighting is critical to the device’s ability to capture clear underground plumbing images. Inadequate lighting may result in blurred and dark pictures, making it hard for a trained artisan to diagnose the problem and perform the necessary repairs.

Turn To Schroeder Plumbing For Superior Underground Plumbing Inspections!

It might be difficult repairing plumbing problems beneath the surface because finding the fault can be tricky. If this sounds like your case, Schroeder Plumbing has got you covered!

Our team uses first-line video cameras to effectively locate sewer problems, determine their cause, and offer appropriate solutions. Call us at Schroeder Plumbing today for prompt, reliable, and courteous services.

The Parting Short

Inspecting and fixing sewer problems in the past was very challenging and time-consuming. But thanks to technological advances, plumbing technicians can now attend to these troubles quickly and efficiently using sewer cameras. Nevertheless, there’s no refuting that these cameras are prone to issues, most caused by mishandling.

Therefore, there’s a need to take extra care when handling these modern plumbing equipment. In addition, it’s best to leave their usage to qualified plumbing personnel with proper training and experience. Sewer line cameras in the hands of inexperienced plumbers can easily cause camera malfunctions.

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