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Water Heater Failure? Six Common Causes And Reasons To Call A Plumber | Mesa, AZ

Water Heater Failure? Six Common Causes And Reasons To Call A Plumber | Mesa, AZ

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Water heater breakdown is a common problem in many households in Mesa, AZ, and the surrounding areas. Nowadays, some folks prefer to use hot water to perform routine house chores such as cleaning utensils and showering. With a quality water heater system, you can be rest assured to have a constant supply of hot water to your home.

Research depicts that nearly 17 percent of your household’s energy consumption goes directly to the water heater appliance. If the water system is damaged, homeowners could experience higher monthly electrical bills. To make it worse, this may compromise the integrity of your home by increasing the chances of electrical accidents that require a competent plumber to fix. Below are some of the causes of water heater failure.

Loose Parts

Loose parts in your water heater system could be behind frequent water leaks. The water leaks from the foot of the valve could indicate that your water heater isn’t water-sealed. Also, the issue could be with the drain valve. A well-trained professional plumber may fix your faulty drain valve instead of having to replace the entire water heater.

The loose nuts or bolts consequently result in hot water failure. Many homeowners may opt to tighten the loose bolts. Unfortunately, this may not prevent leaking, and you’ll be required to seek the assistance of a well-versed plumbing company to inspect the entire water heater system. This will go a long way in preventing the increasingly costly water bills.

Additionally, resolving major water heater problems promptly could save you the cost of water heater replacement.

Internal Rust

A water heater failure can be associated with internal rust. However, sacrificial anodes installation helps to minimize corrosion. On regular occasions, sacrificial anodes quickly deteriorate, and this safeguards the water heater parts from corrosion, hence the term sacrificial. This is the main reason for the sacrificial anodes installation, and it’s worth noting that the rods get old over time, reducing their productivity.

Essentially, homeowners should seek comprehensive and timely water heater replacement solutions from a reliable plumbing service to escape significant inconveniences. Anode rods are effective for over a couple of years; thus, it’s vital to have a plumber consistently examine the condition of your anodes to ensure that they are in perfect working condition.

If you notice worn-out rods, it’s a clear sign that you need to replace them immediately to prevent further damage to the water heater system. Be sure to contact a trusted plumbing company in Mesa, AZ, to resolve the issue.

Incorrect Water Pressure

High water pressure could damage your water heater system and the entire piping system. You can easily spot the problem with your water heater device, frequent water leaks from your hot water system being one. The distance that the hot water has to reach causes the difference in water pressure. The incorrect water pressure, in turn, damages the water heater system. Therefore, you should seek a comprehensive water heater replacement service to prevent further damages that could result in more injuries.

According to professional plumbers, the highest water pressure has its standard limit. If the issue persists, you can upgrade the pressure relief valve with the water heater system. Moreover, the water overflow can generate a difference in the water pressure.

A Faulty Thermostat

Homeowners may have their water system in perfect shape but lack a hot water supply. This calls for a detailed check-up on your thermostat. A thermostat generates some electric current in response to the presence of heat. Also, it maintains and measures the water thermal heating by requesting heat when needed.

The user can correctly adjust the water temperatures using the thermostat. When set below the standard, the thermostat can result in bacterial growth within your water heater system resulting in Legionnaires’ disease. On the other hand, higher temperatures trigger hiking monthly electric bills.

A plumber can help set your thermostat correctly. If you find your water heater producing cold water, ensure to perform some detailed check up on your thermostat to identify the problem.

Reach out to a proficient plumber to install a thermostat that suits your needs. The thermostats are available in several designs, including electronic, stem, and bulb thermostats.

A Faulty Electrical Connection

A broken power cord or a blown-fuse could result in a bad electrical connection. Before you carry out any water heater replacement service, ensure to examine your electrical connection. In some cases, the system’s failure may be a result of a bad electrical connection.

Also, the limited gas supply can cause the system to malfunction. Trying to fix the problem with your DIY skills can potentially generate major electrical injuries; it’s only advisable to seek help from a reliable plumber.

Mineral-Build Up

Mineral accumulation in your water heater can break down the crucial elements of the system. The reason behind the issue is that mineral deposits harden with time, forcing the system to strain when heating the water. Over time, the system will deteriorate, resulting in a reduced lifespan.

Therefore, it’s essential to check your system for any deposits accumulation before seeking any water heater replacement service. Additionally, the presence of hard water in your water heater results in sediment accumulation, which blocks the water passages damaging the water heater system.

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