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NOT ANYMORE! Schroeder Plumbing has invested in “Pipe-Bursting equipment that allows us to pull new pipe into the old pipe using the old pipe as a conduit. PE SDR_17 pipe is used which is engineered to be flexible enough to pull through 90 degree bends without breaking. It does require that a hole be excavated at each end of the pipe that will be replaced to allow for an entrance point for the pipe and for the hydraulic rams to be set up in the exit hole to pull the pipe through. This protects against damage to flooring, landscaping, driveways and sidewalks and can also save money. Call us for a FREE estimate! Water lines can also be pulled in with minimal damage to your landscaping, driveways and sidewalks.

Plumbing Re-Piping Mesa, AZ

Lining and Re-coating pipes (CIPP)

Lateral pipes are a critical part of any sewer system. They’re also a great candidate for trenchless pipe repair. In fact, some older homes have pipes that may never have been replaced. Instead of a costly repair, there’s an alternative to a full replacement: lining and recoating pipe (CIPP).

Schroeder Plumbing is proud to announce a new service we’re offering to increase the durability of your pipes and sewer system. Using the Quik-Shot™ system, we can increase the capacity to line pipe without needing additional trucks and trailers. Quik-Shot™ fits into small spaces and processes a lot of liner in a short period of time. Instead of having to saturate the tube, we go from the “wet out” calibration process directly into the ground. There’s no need for extra ropes or winches.

The Quik Shot system is specially engineered for lateral pipe design and uses a compact propane water heater to quickly heat-cure the resin. We pump the material into the pipe, using a small camera to monitor how much material goes into the pipe. If more is needed to coat the interior, it’s a fast process for us to add more. The brush we use feathers the material to ensure an even coat. In the event too much material is used, we use a grinding tool to go back and smooth it over, reducing the likelihood of clogs developing on down the line.

Quik Shot is great for many different kinds of pipes, including cast iron, PVC, clay, or just about any surface. This makes it a viable option for homes that have had some, but not all, of their pipes replaced and which may have pipes of different materials. It can also create a seamless coating throughout the house to reduce the incidences of small cracks that can contribute to leaks. If we discover an open joint or crack in the pipe, we simply go back in and directly apply the epoxy to the open joint. We put more material there making sure that the joint is completely sealed. The tools we use follow the route that your pipes go. With Quick Shot, 90-degree turns are pretty simple to handle. The continuous lining of the pipes helps create a complete seal.

This material is great for chemical resistance in most cases, too, chemicals that can damage your pipes more quickly than typical use.

The coating system is simple. We attach the coating pump (one of two sizes) to the miller, setting it up to go. Then, we add the coating material, 10o% solids epoxy resin. The heater simplifies and speeds up the drying time of the newly applied coatings. It’s a safe heating option with a powerful air output and a fast-drying time ensures that the coating is at a consistent layer.

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