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Top Reasons To Call A Professional Plumbing Service To Your Home | Mesa, AZ

Top Reasons To Call A Professional Plumbing Service To Your Home | Mesa, AZ

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Water is a life essential that we cannot manage to live without. This explains why the plumbing system is one of the most important components of your Mesa, AZ house. The plumbing system ensures that your house is adequately supplied with clean water at an appropriate temperature and pressure. The system is also responsible for ensuring that the wastewater from your house is quickly drained out of your house for health and hygiene purposes. Unfortunately, like with any other mechanical system, your plumbing system can develop problems that can negatively affect its efficacy and cause serious problems in your home. However, given the complexity of the plumbing system, you will need a professional plumbing service to help you fix most plumbing issues. Below is a rundown of the reasons you may have to call a professional plumber to your house.

Clogged Drains

This is perhaps the most common reason homeowners call plumbing service providers to their homes. This is because there are many things that go down the drains: greases, soap scum, oils, hair, and food particles. With time, these materials stick to the sides of the drains and eventually block the flow of wastewater from your house. When this happens, your sinks will overflow, and the bathroom could become flooded. In other words, a clogged drain can render your plumbing system unusable. Therefore, as soon as you notice that you have a clogged drain or a slow drain, you need to make a call to your plumbing service provider. Of course, you can try fixing the issues on your own using a plunger, but the solution is only temporary, and it does not always work. On the other hand, professional plumbers have the necessary tools to remove clogs of all kinds. They also offer drain cleaning services to prevent your drains from clogging in the first place.

Blocked Toilets

When you flush your toilet, you expect the drain water to quickly rush out. Unfortunately, if your toilet is blocked by paper or other solid materials, it will not work as expected. Instead, the toilet bowl will overflow and create a nasty sit that you definitely don’t want to see. This issue has the effect of making your toilet unusable and giving your home a foul odor. The good news is that the issue is not difficult for professional plumbing service providers to fix. Indeed, they have the necessary tools to ensure that toilet blockages are removed within the shortest time possible. Therefore, it is wise for you to call your plumber as soon as you notice that you have a blocked toilet in your house.

Running Toilet

After flushing your toilet, clean water should flow into your toilet tank until it is full. However, if the tank’s valve is broken or loose, water will keep flowing in, and the tank will eventually overflow. Unfortunately, this means that you will be losing a lot of water, which might soon be reflected in your water bills. As such, you need to get in touch with your plumbing service as soon as you realize that you have a running toilet in your house. Your plumber will assess the situation to determine if the issue can be fixed with minor adjustments or whether there are parts that need to be replaced. If your toilet is too old and dilapidated, your professional plumbing service might even advise you to replace it completely.

Leaky Pipes and Faucets

Leaks are some of the most common plumbing problems in homes. In some cases, pipes can leak due to issues such as poor installation and corrosion. On the other hand, faucets mostly leak due to wear and tear. But whatever the cause of a leak might be, it can lead to several problems. In addition to increasing your water bills, leaky pipes can also create moist areas that can negatively affect the structural integrity of your house and even encourage mold growth making your house unhealthy and unsafe. Leaks can also lead to a significant drop in water pressure in your home. Therefore, as soon as you notice any signs of leaks in your house, it is imperative for you to call your plumbing service as soon as you can.

A Malfunctioning Water Heater

Your water heater is one of the most important parts of your plumbing system. It basically ensures that your house has a constant supply of hot water for house chores such as cleaning, washing, bathing, and cooking. Therefore, when it breaks down, it can cause serious inconvenience in your house. However, given the complexity of your water heater and the risks involved in water heater repairs, you should never be tempted to fix it on your own. Therefore, you need to be in touch with a reliable plumbing service provider that you can call when your water heater is broken. Professionals have the necessary skills and credentials to ensure that your water heater is repaired efficiently and safely.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that there are many plumbing issues that can make it necessary for you to call a professional plumbing service provider to your house. Some problems can wait to be fixed another day, while others must be addressed as soon as they have been identified. However, no matter what plumbing issue you might be facing, you should avoid the temptation to try DIY plumbing repairs. Instead, you need to be in touch with a professional plumber you can always call when you have a plumbing situation in your Mesa, AZ home. If you are looking for a dependable plumber in or around Mesa, AZ, Schroeder Plumbing is an excellent plumbing contractor to consider. We have been in this business for many years, and we have the necessary tools, experience, and expertise to fix any residential plumbing issue. Feel free to contact Schroeder Plumbing today for more information about our company and the services we are best known for.

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