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Time To Call A Plumber: Common Toilet Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore | Mesa, AZ

Time To Call A Plumber: Common Toilet Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore | Mesa, AZ

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A toilet is one of the components of your home’s plumbing system. It’s responsible for collecting and disposing of human waste safely to septic tanks or public sewer systems. The toilets use the largest amount of water as compared to other plumbing fixtures in your bathroom and kitchen because most toilets use approximately 1.6 gallons of water per flush. There are different types of toilets in the plumbing market in Mesa, AZ, including gravity-fed, pressure-assisted, dual-flush, and double-cyclone, that come in a variety of styles.

Some of the flushing toilets available in most homes include single-flush, double flush, and no-touch flush toilets with elongated, round-front, or compact elongated bowls. Having a plumber visit regularly to carry out maintenance of the toilet parts is crucial in preventing common toilet problems such as:

Phantom Flushes

Sometimes your toilet can spontaneously refill and flush, a situation that’s also known as ghost flushing. It’s a common toilet problem that you shouldn’t ignore because it leads to water wastage that might surge your water bills. The running toilet wastes up to 200 gallons of water daily, an indication of a more serious problem that needs the immediate attention of a plumbing professional. Calling a reliable and skilled plumber to diagnose the underlying reason behind the phantom or ghost flushes is fundamental.

The toilet phantom flushing issue might be due to a faulty fill valve or a malfunctioning flapper valve. A poorly adjusted or defective fill valve which is an inch below the overflow tube allows water to rise beyond its intended level resulting in overflows and water wastage. The plumber will check the fill valves and adjust them accordingly using advanced plumbing tools.

The plumbing professional should check the flapper valve if adjusting the fill valve does not stop the problem. When the flapper valve is faulty, it allows water into the toilet bowl then refills the tank each time. The hired plumbing service will inspect the valves, make a diagnosis, and fix the problem ensuring your toilet functions properly. It will in turn ensure water is saved and water bills will downsize. If the flapper is worn out, the plumbing expert can replace it with a new one that blends perfectly with your toilet.

Toilet Bowl Empties Slowly

If your toilet bowl empties at a sluggish pace, it is another problem that requires immediate inspection by a prompt and reliable plumbing service. Getting the plumbing professional to check and explain why it is draining gradually is a smart move to make towards fixing and preventing the problem from occurring again.

The reason behind this problem could be accumulated debris in the bowl. It compromises the free draining of waste to your home’s drainage systems or public sewer lines. The plumber you look for should have knowledge and expertise in sewer cleaning to get rid of the debris underneath the bowl’s rim.

Leaking Seals

A standard toilet in your home in Mesa, AZ, has at least five seals. Toilet seal types include sleeve and sleeveless wax rings, sponge and waxless gaskets, and waxless foam gaskets. The biggest seal is found between the toilet tank and the bowl. If the seal is loose or breaks, it will cause a sizable leak beneath the tank every time you flush your toilet, leading to a lot of water wastage.

Fixing the leakage issue can help you save on water bills. To fix the problem, you will need a plumber that’s experienced in removing damaged seals and installing brand new ones. Once the professional installs the seal accurately, the leakage should stop immediately.

Other seals, including the ones on the base of the ballcock and mounting bolts, are small and are more likely to produce smaller leaks. If ignored, these leaks amount to huge water losses in the long run. The plumbing service contracted for repairs should replace the worn-out seals and tighten bolts to stop the leakage. The tightening of the bolt and mounting nuts of toilet seals is often done during the maintenance process, preventing leakages.

A wax seal fixed on a plastic flange under the toilet is another toilet seal that is prone to leak. The water leaking from the seal is most likely to lead to molds and eventually rot your bathroom or toilet floor. A skilled plumber will repair the leak first then caulk the area around the base of the toilet. The plumbing expert should remove the toilet first, then replace the wax seal. If the leakage persists, then a broken flange might be the cause.

Clogged Toilet

Another common toilet problem that should not be ignored is a clogged toilet. The toilet in your home can clog due to flushing objects such as sanitary pads, baby wipes, papers, cotton balls, and other substances down your toilet. Other causes of the clog might be excess hair built up in the drain pipes, obstructing normal toilet flushing activities.

When you flush your toilet and realize the waste is back flowing instead of going down the drain, it is time to call your plumber. The plumbing expert will use his state-of-the-art tools and equipment to clear the clog, ensuring your toilet is functioning smoothly.

The skilled technician will either use a plunger to unclog the toilet, which will work if the clog is minor. However, if the blockage is complicated, the plumber should use more of his experience and detectors to evaluate the drain pipe and hole and get the object causing the clog out for smooth flushing of the toilet.

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A toilet is one of the essential plumbing fixtures in your home. It ensures hygiene is at par since it safely collects and disposes human waste to the sewer system. If you are experiencing any plumbing issues in your bathroom, toilet, or kitchen, you should contact Schroeder Plumbing in Mesa, AZ, to get a skilled and professional plumber.

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