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The Methods Of Replacing A Pipe Used By A Plumber Near Me In | Mesa, AZ

The Methods Of Replacing A Pipe Used By A Plumber Near Me In | Mesa, AZ

Aging sewer lines can be a huge problem. A small crack can grow larger over time and eventually burst the sewer line, damaging your property and causing serious health and safety hazards. Unfortunately, many properties in Meza, AZ, still rely on extremely outdated, worn-out pipes made of clay or iron; others use degraded PVC pipes.

Besides wear and tear, growing tree roots and shifts in the ground can damage these pipes. Property owners should have their sewer lines periodically inspected by a reputable plumber near me in Mesa to ensure the pipes are in good working condition. The plumber near me in Mesa, AZ can identify problems, such as leaks and cracks, in the pipes and repair them before they are still minor.

If the plumber near me in Mesa discovers a major problem in the sewer line, such as a massive blockage or a huge crack in the pipe, they can use one of two methods of repairing or replacing the pipe. They can either take the traditional approach of digging up and replacing the pipe, or they can use the less invasive trenchless repair method that relies on modern technology and techniques that provide property owners huge savings in repairs.

The Traditional Method

The traditional way of repairing damaged sewer lines involves excavating the ground to access the pipe and repair or replace it. The plumber near me in Mesa uses heavy equipment to dig a deep trench into the ground above the entire damaged section of the sewer line. This sewer line repair method is not always ideal because it can be costly and inconvenient to the property owner.

Using this method to repair your sewer effectively turns a section of your property into an active construction site. You’ll have to dig up a large section of your yard, destroying any landscaping features like lawns and gardens.

Furthermore, unless the contract explicitly specifies that the plumber in Mesa should restore the property to its previous condition after completing the sewer line repair, they’re under no obligation to do so. Therefore, using the traditional method typically involves the additional cost of restoring landscaping features.

The traditional sewer line repair methods can also disrupt business operations on commercial properties. For example, the project may obstruct customer traffic for days, and negatively impact your revenue.

Trenchless Pipe Lining

Technological advancements in recent years have led to the emergence of the less expensive, destructive and time-consuming sewer repair/replacement method known as trenchless pipe lining. This modern method uses the latest technology and techniques to repair damaged sewer lines.

Trenchless pipe lining can either repair a damaged sewer line or replace it entirely. The plumber near me in Mesa, AZ determines the best solution by first inspecting the sewer line to determine the nature and extent of the problem.

Lateral Pipe Lining Versus Pipe Bursting

One common trenchless repair technique is lateral pipe lining, in which the plumber near me in Mesa digs a small hole into the ground to access the affected section of the pipe. They then run a small camera into the pipe to visually inspect it for cracks, blockages and other problems.

The technicians mix a resin compound and pour it into a liner that matches the dimensions of the affected pipe. The technicians then load the resin and liner into an inversion device that pushes the resin-liner combination inside out into the damaged pipe by inflating it with compressed air. The liner hardens into a new, sturdy pipe and the resin-coat bonds the liner to the existing pipe.

Lateral pipe lining requires a small crew with as few as two technicians. This trenchless repair technique is also the least destructive and costly. It is ideal for sewer lines with minor to moderate issues because the original pipe serves as a mold for the new one and gives it structural integrity.

Another trenchless pipe lining technique, pipe bursting, is preferable in cases where the existing pipe has inadequate structural integrity. This technique, too, involves digging a small access hole into the affected pipe. The technicians measure the damaged section to determine the appropriate size for the replacement pipe. Then, they use a hydraulic-powered or pull-rod-propelled device to push or pull a solid cone tip through the damaged pipe.

The diameter of the cone’s base is wider than the existing pipe, which therefore breaks into pieces as the solid cone passes through it, leaving in its place the replacement pipe. Property owners in Meza prefer this method when they want to replace their existing sewer line with a wider pipe that can handle a larger capacity.

Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Lining Over the Traditional Method

Trenchless pipe lining is superior to the traditional method in several ways:

  • It’s less destructive to the landscape.
  • It’s less time-consuming and inconvenient as it can take less than a day.
  • It’s compatible with pipes of all types, including PVC, clay and iron.
  • The replacement pipe can last over 50 years.
  • It poses fewer health and safety hazards.
  • It costs less.

Even though the plumber in Mesa requires advanced technology and extensive training to undertake trenchless pipelining, it’s more cost-effective than the traditional method, which includes indirect costs of digging the trench and restoring the landscape after the repair by a plumber near me in Mesa. Digging a trench inconveniences homeowners and disrupts operations for business owners. Homeowners and business owners alike also have to incur the cost of restoring landscaping features, such as a driveway, sidewalk, yards and trees.

Affordable, Efficient and Non-invasive Sewer Line Repair With Trenchless Pipe Lining

The sewer line is the main part of your drainage system as it directs all the waste from your property into the municipal sewer line. Over the years, it wears out and may become damaged due to shifting growth, growing tree roots or blockages. These sewer line problems can lead to leaks or blockages, which can be disruptive and harmful to health.

Besides the traditional method that involves extensive excavation, trenchless pipe lining has emerged as a more affordable and efficient method of repairing or replacing damaged sewer lines. Many property owners in Meza have benefitted from trenchless pipe lining by relying on a reputable plumber near me in Mesa, AZ to handle their sewer line repair needs.

If you’re experiencing problems with the drainage system on your property, call Schroeder Plumbing today to schedule an inspection. We’ll send a trained and experienced plumber near me in Mesa to determine what the problem is and outline the best options for you.

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