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Signs You Need To Call A Plumber Immediately | Mesa, AZ

Signs You Need To Call A Plumber Immediately | Mesa, AZ

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When it comes to water emergencies in your home, there’s no such thing as a small issue. Even two drips per minute from the faucets in your house will end up wasting a gallon of water in a week, which can mean a large spike in your water bill.

And that’s the least of your worries when it comes to the pipes in your home. If you’ve got a hidden leak in your pipes, you could be looking at serious water damage to your walls, foundation or other parts of your home. In order to keep your home safe from potential damage, you need to keep your eyes and ears out for any signs that you might need to contact a plumber for help. If you spot any of these signals, it’s time for you to call for professional help before you end up with a water disaster in your home!

Stopped or Slow Drain

Despite the abundance of plumbing products available at the grocery store or hardware store, there’s one and only one that’s safe for you to try if you’re not a professional plumber: a drain snake. A drain snake is safe to try because you aren’t going to risk damaging your pipes or your water by putting one down the drain. If you want to try a drain snake before you call for professional help, feel free to do so.

But if that doesn’t work, having a plumbing expert is a must in order to clear out the drain safely. The last thing you want to do is pour Drano or another corrosive cleaner, because all that does is make the job harder for the plumber that you do eventually call. If it’s used improperly, Drano can corrode pipes and turn water into a biohazard. If the pipes get eaten through, you’ll have a royal mess on your hands from water damage. Instead, do the smart thing and contact an expert for help with a drain!

Gurgling Sounds

Have you ever been sitting on your couch when you suddenly heard a noise coming from your pipes? It’s not your imagination; it’s a sign that you need to call an expert plumber to make a visit to your home soon.

That’s because a gurgling sound means that you have water that’s trapped somewhere in your pipes and is trying to find the air. If it remains trapped in your pipes, you might end up with a loss in water pressure, a burst pipe or other problems. Your pipes aren’t ever supposed to make noise, and if they do, the reason is almost certainly not a good one. As soon as you hear something that sounds like it could be coming from your pipes, contact a plumbing expert so that you can figure out what’s really going on in your home.

Low or No Water Pressure

If you don’t have much water coming out of your pipes when you turn the water on, you probably don’t need anyone else to tell you that you need to call for a professional in short order.

As with most things related to your pipes, water pressure isn’t something that you can fix on your own. Even though a lack of water pressure likely means something as simple as a small clog, it’s not that simple for the average person to fix. You’ve got to find where the blockage is and clear it out without affecting the rest of the plumbing, and unless you were trained as a plumber, that isn’t going to happen. Before you cause real damage, think twice about a DIY repair and call for help.

Consistent Lack of Hot Water

A lack of hot water from time to time in your Mesa, AZ home isn’t usually a cause for concern, especially if you’ve got a traditional water heater. But if you regularly find yourself running low on hot water, then you’ve likely got to make a call for a quality plumber.

When you don’t have hot water coming into your home on a regular basis, the most likely culprit is your water heater. It might be that your water heater is at the end of its useful life, or that your plumbing system is having a real problem getting hot water to the parts of your home where it’s most needed.

In any case, this is a problem that must be examined by a professional plumber because your water heater has far too many components that can cause a serious accident if something were to go wrong. Don’t risk injury to yourself or others by trying to fix something that requires a professional’s skills.

Damp Basement

Let’s be honest: despite what television suggests, your basement isn’t supposed to be damp or have a musty odor to it. If either of these signs are present, you might have a real problem with your house. Most likely, if there is a problem, it’s because there’s an issue with the plumbing that’s leading to water issues in the basement.

This is an absolute must for a professional plumber to spot, because it’s virtually impossible for the average person to determine whether a damp basement was caused by the weather (which can happen) or if there’s a more serious issue at work. In the latter case, odds are that you’ve got a leak in your pipes somewhere in the basement.

If your pipes are leaking and there’s water pooling in the basement, you’ve got to get things fixed as soon as possible. Failing to do so can create the perfect environment for mold spores, which can give you much bigger problems in your home than just your basement’s odor.

At Schroeder Plumbing, we have the skills needed to handle any and all plumbing jobs that might occur at your Mesa, AZ home. When you notice anything that makes you think you might need a plumber, just give us a call! We’ll be happy to take a look and provide a quality repair that keeps water flowing the way it should!

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