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Protecting The Sewer Lines From Freezing With A Plumber Near Me In | Mesa, AZ

Protecting The Sewer Lines From Freezing With A Plumber Near Me In | Mesa, AZ

While many homeowners service their water heaters regularly and clean their drains and gutters before winter, one critical utility is overlooked, the sewer line. Like other pipes, the sewer lines can freeze up during this season. Are you the kind of a homeowner that believes in out of sight, out of mind? Then this can be understandable. However, this is a wrong principle to live by, especially regarding your plumbing system. When it is too cold outside, the sewer system will freeze up, resulting in backups. This might also cause significant damage to your home’s plumbing system. Hence, you should have a plumber near me in Arizona to protect the plumbing. They may winterize them or perform regular drain or sewer cleaning.

What Makes the Sewer System Freeze?

As you may expect, your sewer line may freeze whenever the outside temperatures reduce below thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit. However, there usually is at least another contributing factor besides temperatures that will hasten the freezing process. The main complicating factors that will cause your sewer system to freeze include the following:

  • When there is no water flow in the exposed drain
  • Blocked pipes
  • A sudden decrease in temperatures
  • Faulty insulation around the sewer system

Like any other appliances or utilities at your home, you must service the sewer system regularly, preferably once a year. Regular drain cleaning and plumbing can protect the sewer system from freezing. Hence, you should have a plumber near me in Arizona clean the drains and winterize the pipes. They will inspect the plumbing system to uncover any hidden problems.

How Does the Piping Get Blocked?

Pipe clogs are frequently linked to a sink or bathtub that isn’t draining correctly. While blocked pipes frequently cause this, they can also raise the possibility of a freezing sewer line. Numerous factors can impede your piping and sewer system. However, they can be categorized into four primary groups: foreign items, plant roots, hair, and food trash. A plumber near me in Arizona recommends that you don’t throw these materials into your drains.

When people bathe, they lose hair, which collects in the drainage pipes. With a screen or other barrier, you can prevent some of this hair from getting into your pipes, but if it does, it will eventually clog them. You should get your drains cleaned if it occurs. Grease will stick to a pipe’s sidewall and collect other particles. Save yourself the bother and dispose of food scraps and oil in the garbage. Otherwise, you may have to call a plumber near me in Arizona for repairs.

Another potential cause of pipe obstruction is plant roots. Plants can cause breaks in your pipes as they grow because they search out water. It might not be easy to locate and get rid of these plants. You should only flush toilet paper and human waste down the toilet. Paper towels, tissues, and “flushable” baby wipes should not be flushed because they all fail to decompose correctly in a sewer system.

How Often Do You Need Sewer Cleaning Service?

You can protect your plumbing system from freezing by having a regular plumbing drain and sewer cleaning service done by a professional plumber near me in Mesa, AZ. But how often are these services needed? The recommended period by which you should clean your sewers is after every 18-22 months. However, if the drainage issues are more prevalent, you can clean them earlier.

Signs That Your Sewer Lines Are Frozen

You can avoid having frozen sewer pipes by heeding the advice above. Although this information can aid in protecting your piping, it is only partially reliable. For this reason, it’s crucial to understand how to spot a frozen line. Odd smells or noises emanating from the sewer pipes are two of the most obvious signs. Gurgling noises or unpleasant odors are clear signs that your drains are clogged.

If water appears where it shouldn’t, your sewer pipe may be frozen or broken. Damp walls or ceilings are also rather clear indicators. You should contact a plumber if sinkholes or puddles start to emerge outside your house. Another indication of frozen pipes is frost on plainly visible pipes, like those in the basement or just beneath a faucet. Another clear sign is when no water flows out of your faucet. If you see any of these signs, call a plumber near me in Arizona for an inspection and repairs.

How to Know Your Sewer Issue Is an Emergency

Any plumbing issue can prove frustrating, but not all are necessarily an emergency. For instance, a faucet drips water at a very slow rate. The same happens to your showers, meaning you don’t have to call a plumber near me in Mesa, AZ at night for a repair. They can wait for the following day. However, a sewer backup, lack of running water, failed water heater, a burst or broken pipe, or even a completely clogged drain are plumbing emergencies that should be addressed immediately. Fortunately, you can avoid all these through a routine plumbing service.

What’s Emergency Sewer Cleaning?

Emergency drain cleaning entails rapid treatment to unclog your sewage system and other pipes. Anytime, including weekends and after business hours, can be used for this service. Your chances of having a successful outcome increase the faster your blocked or frozen sewer pipes are cleaned. Delaying it increases the risk of serious water damage to your property and increases the cost of repairs. During the service call, the plumber near me in Arizona will identify the source and location of your blockage. They will then remove it and repair any damage that may have occurred to your pipes.

Protect Your Sewer System from Freezing

The sewer system may freeze when the temperatures outside are too low. However, there are several measures that a plumber near me in Mesa, AZ can take to protect it. Do you want any plumbing service? Call us at Schroeder Plumbing today.

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