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Plumbing Service Recommended Detection Methods For Hidden Leaks In Your Home | Mesa, AZ

Plumbing Service Recommended Detection Methods For Hidden Leaks In Your Home | Mesa, AZ

No one really wants to think about plumbing leaks, but as plumbing systems age, one or two are bound to occur. Sometimes these leaks are obvious. At other times, you might not be aware of a leak until it causes significant damage to home features like wood and drywall. At Schroeder Plumbing, our plumbers are accustomed to receiving plumbing service calls related to hidden leaks. If you suspect you have a hidden leak at your Mesa, AZ, home, it’s important to deal with it as soon as possible, and our professional plumbing pros can help. The following are signs that you may have a plumbing leak. If you notice these signs, call our plumbing service right away for help.

Reduced Water Pressure

If you run your shower or sink and find that water pressure isn’t as strong as it used to be, you might suspect a leak. However, first, you should unscrew the aerator on your faucet and clean it. Even a small amount of sediment can affect water pressure. This simple measure may save you the trouble of placing a plumbing service call. On the other hand, if your faucet is functioning well, the reduced water pressure may be owing to a leak or even a ruptured pipe. Water could be leaking out of your pipe before it ever reaches your faucet, and where is that water flowing? That’s a serious problem. Fortunately, you can call Schroeder Plumbing to place a plumbing service call so we can visit your home and locate and repair the leak.

Increase in Water Bill

If you’re used to paying a similar amount for your water bill each year and it suddenly increases, you might suspect that there’s a leak. Something is making your water bill escalate. Carefully consider your past use of water. Some people may irrigate their lawn more in summer or use more water in their household for some other reason. However, if your water usage habits haven’t changed, you should consider the possibility of a hidden leak.

Damaged Walls

Do you see bubbling or peeling paint on your walls or ceiling? Damage like this is often due to a moisture problem. Not all damage of this nature could point to a plumbing leak. There may be a window leak nearby or a roof leak. You’ll want to perform a careful inspection so you can determine where this moisture problem is coming from. If there’s a bathroom above the affected ceiling and walls, however, take extra care with your inspection. In fact, you should probably contact our plumbing service to check it out. A leak can cause immense property damage and expense to repair.


If you spot mold growing on your walls, ceiling, or floor, you could have a plumbing leak. There’s definitely a moisture problem. Moisture can lead to a mold outbreak. Mold can be a dangerous health risk, so it’s not something you want growing in your house. If a hidden plumbing leak is causing a mold outbreak, you can call Schroeder Plumbing to locate the leak. It’s usually in close proximity to the mold.

In these cases, however, it might be challenging to access the leak in order to fix it. Our plumbing service pros, however, can usually pinpoint where the leak is so that we can access it as easily as possible. Sometimes it’s necessary to remove sections of the drywall to access the leak. Mold remediation may also be necessary. Once the repair is made and the mold issue addressed, the problem can be resolved.

You Hear It

Some people actually hear when water is trickling from a leaking pipe or valve. If you hear water but your fixtures are all turned off, you probably need a plumber right away. In some parts of the country, the sound of water might indicate that the gutters are leaking, but with Mesa’s dry climate, gutter leaks aren’t especially common, and if you hear water trickling but it hasn’t rained for weeks, you likely have a leak.

Unpleasant Musty Odors

Must and mildew may accompany a hidden plumbing leak. Even so, musty smells can be caused by a damp basement or attic. A roof leak can lead to musty odors too. We can send a licensed plumber to your Mesa, AZ, home to inspect the situation. In our area of the country, leaky roofs and must aren’t so common. However, a hidden plumbing leak can cause this type of issue. If you smell musty odors and can’t trace them, you can call our plumbing service to perform an inspection and help you determine if you have leaky pipes.

Don’t Ignore Plumbing Leaks

A plumbing leak is a plumbing emergency, especially if the leak has the potential to damage structural elements of your home. Water damage can cause wood to warp and rot. It can destroy drywall and cause mold outbreaks to erupt. Our plumbing service features licensed and experienced plumbers who can provide you with the fast service you need when you suspect that a leak is present.

When you contact us for plumbing service, we’ll send an experienced plumber to your home who can detect if you have a leak and where it’s coming from. Then, we can inspect the issue and determine if the leak can be repaired or if any replacement parts may be needed. We’ll manage the job from start to finish.

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