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Plumbing Checklist for New Homes: What to Ask Your Plumber | Mesa, AZ

Plumbing Checklist for New Homes: What to Ask Your Plumber | Mesa, AZ

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Everyone gets excited at the thought of purchasing a new house. However, before you move in, there are some things you need to have looked at. One of those things is the plumbing of the house. For that, you need to get a plumber in Mesa, AZ to have a look at your plumbing system.They will have a list of things they will look at like the bathroom, kitchen and other areas. You need to know what they will look for so you can notify them if they miss anything.

An expert will also look at the places where the pipes are passing through like walls to detect any sign of leaks. The plumber can also help spot any signs of mold in the house. Mold would mean that there is a leak in the plumbing system and can be dangerous if left alone. Another place that most people forget is the areas surrounding appliances and electrical wiring. If not checked, you can have an accident since water and electricity do not mix.

Here is a brief checklist detailing what the plumber will look at during the plumbing inspection.

  • Working Toilets

There is no compromise when it comes to this. You must have working toilets in your new home. Nobody wants to wake up to clogged toilets. The plumber will flush all the toilets to ensure they are emptying and filling up properly.

  • Drainage System

There is nothing more annoying than washing dishes only to find that the drainage is clogged. A professional plumber in Mesa, AZ, will know what to look for and how to unclog any blocked drainage.

While he is at it, the plumber will also look at the sewer lines and see if the connection is clear at your place.

  • Working Showers

You also need to ensure that all the showers are working. You can check whether the shower pressure is okay since you do not want to take a shower with water that does not have enough pressure. You want your water to hit you hard on the head so you can feel the effects.

  • Water Pressure

Other than using the shower, you can check the water pressure by opening any tap and seeing the pressure the water gushes out with. They can check the size of the pipes used and see if they meet the requirements set. The recommendation is to have the pipes connecting to the main water source to be minimum of 3/4 inches and the ones in the house to be at least 1/2 inches wide.

  • Water Heater

You need to have a professional check the water heating system. The plumber will check whether the boiler works and if there is a tank if the capacity will suit your needs. The pipes connecting to the water heater are also inspected to see if they are working well or need to be replaced. The age of the water heater also needs to be determined. Old water heaters will not give you service for a long time, and you do not want to have to replace yours as soon as you move to the house. If you are buying an old home, you need to ensure that the water heater is up to standard.

  • Pipes

It would be best if you had the piping system checked. The size and quality of the pipes needs to be checked. You also need to ensure that the pipes are in a good location and in good condition. The pipes should be checked for any signs of leaking and corrosion. You also need to find out what is used to make the pipes. Avoid pipes that have any trace of lead or any other toxins.

  • How Old the Plumbing System Is

One of the first things you should find out is the age of the plumbing system. If you discover that the plumbing is old, you can ask the seller to renovate it before you move in. Old plumbing used to be made with materials that are no longer considered safe. That is why you will need to have the whole plumbing system replaced with the updated one.

  • When the Last Inspection Was Done

You can also ask when the last inspection was done and if you can have the inspection report. If the inspection was done recently, you have no problem. However, if it was done a while back, you can have your own inspection done. Also, if you want to be thorough, you can have an inspection done regardless of when the last inspection was dated.

  • When the System Was Last Serviced

You do not want to have rusty water coming out of your taps. That is why you need to check when the plumbing system was last serviced. You will want to know when the last repairs were done and the details surrounding it. You also want to know when any changes were made to the system.

  • Quality of Water

You want to ensure that your water is safe for use. You can have the water tested to see if it has any toxins like lead. The plumber will also smell the water to see if the water smells of sulphur or chlorine. You can also have the water colour checked. Seeing anything wrong with the water will show you that there is something wrong with your plumbing or your water source. By checking the water quality, you will be sure that the water in your new home is safe for use before you make a commitment.

Before you commit to your new home, you need to have a professional plumber do an inspection of the plumbing system. That way, you can be sure that you will not have any plumbing problems after you move into your house. If you are looking for a reputable plumber, you can contact Schroeder Plumbing in Mesa, AZ. You will get qualified, and certified technicians who will take care of all your plumbing needs ensuring you get value for your money.

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