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Plumber Tips: Ways You Can Help With The Water Shortage By Updating Your Plumbing And Fixtures | Mesa, AZ

Plumber Tips: Ways You Can Help With The Water Shortage By Updating Your Plumbing And Fixtures | Mesa, AZ

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One of the best ways to cut back on your water usage and water waste is to take care of your leaky plumbing and install new, much more water-efficient fixtures such as modern WaterSense toilets. The EPA says that the average family has about 9,400 gallons of wasted water that they can address in these ways, with good water use habits also an important part of the picture. As your Mesa, AZ plumbers, Schroeder Plumbing has the solutions and equipment that can cut back your water use without radical changes in your lifestyle, and make a bit of a dent in your water bill as well. Since water in Arizona is becoming even more precious, if your home is equipped to do its part in conserving this important resource, you’re getting ahead of the game. Let us show you how we can make significant changes in your water use simply by reducing your home’s wasted water and improving its water efficiency.

Saving Water and Building Damage with Pipe Repairs and Repiping

The first water-saving strategy for your home can be cutting back the leaks from your toilets, sinks, and pipes. Consider sinks with old washers or toilets with old flapper valves, for example, the EPA has added up the numbers and found that the water loss is significant, in the hundreds of gallons per year or much more. That also makes a big difference on your water bill, of course, and the repairs our plumber performs are simple and effective. Leaks from your pipes can be damaging your home, causing mold and mildew to grow, and even inviting in creatures from outside who find your home, with pockets of moisture, the perfect place to set up a house. It’s expensive to remedy the damage these simple leaks cause, but since they’re mostly invisible, you may not see them until much later, when the first damp spots appear on your walls or ceiling. Thanks to our modern leak detection technology, however, our professionals can listen for leaks and use video to explore your pipes, especially if you have older pipes that are likely to be corroding or decaying and springing leaks. Our plumbers can then identify needed repairs, target them, and save not only water but damage, or in some cases realize that you’re likely to have more leaks soon from these pipes, and replacing them is a good strategy.

Cool New Gear for Your Bathroom: Toilets, Faucets, and Showerheads

Since toilet flushes, by EPA numbers, can add up to tens of thousands of gallons of water use per year, having our plumber install newer toilets is a sure way to save a lot of water and cut your water bill as well. Modern toilets have more efficient flush mechanisms, including industrial-style ones that are available for homes that use technology plus a bit of water to blast your bowl clean, and dual-option models that let you choose a basic flush or a bit more, as needed. Showerheads also employ new technology to provide strong jets without using so much water, a step above the older low-flow models that cost more time in your morning routine as you waited to rinse off. The EPA calls many of these fixtures WaterSense, a brand that indicates clever tech that helps you live well while consuming less water. There are even WaterSense irrigation controllers, another way you can save a lot on your water bill. Another area where lots of water goes down the drain needlessly is during tooth brushing and shaving, which the EPA says can add up to nearly 6,000 gallons of water use per year beyond what’s needed to do the job. By having our plumber change your faucet to one that has easier controls or even touchless ones, you can make sure the water is only running when you need it during these daily routines. Touchless technology is also a great hygiene-friendly invention since you don’t need to touch the faucet after brushing your teeth or shaving, it shuts off when you’re done.

In the Kitchen

Our plumber can install a new water and energy-efficient dishwasher and, if you use it for mostly full loads, you can get a lot of savings from it. For hand dishwashing, we have some interesting ideas, including faucets with simple controls that are easy to use and shut off rinse water as needed, and also disability-friendly. Touchless faucets also make using the sink for cleaning and dishwashing easier while saving water, since they follow your lead in turning rinse water on when needed, off when you’re busy with other things. For the ultimate in convenient control, consider a voice-operated faucet that allows you to command your faucet from across the room, and some models also allow you to place a pot under the faucet, tell it how much water to dispense, and get the right amount of spaghetti water every time, with no overflows or having to stand over the pot while it fills.

Hot Water on Demand

Our plumbers can install small tankless units that provide instant hot water in your kitchen, master bathroom, or other location. Instead of waiting and watching gallons of cold water arrive through the hot water line, you get the hot water your need right away, and you can save energy also by setting the kitchen hot water, for example, hotter than the whole house setting that’s typically 120 degrees F. That allows for better dishwashing, with safer showers.

Plumbers and Water Conservation Pros in Mesa, AZ

At Schroeder Plumbing, much of the work we do helps our customers to save water, and we enjoy both making necessary repairs to cut your water bill, and installing new features that make your home more enjoyable as well as a center of water conservation. Ask us how our plumbers in Mesa, AZ can help you, and call us for your plumbing repairs and upgrades.

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