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Plumber Advice: How to Deal with a Plumbing Emergency | Mesa, AZ

Plumber Advice: How to Deal with a Plumbing Emergency | Mesa, AZ

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Do you have an emergency plumber on hand should a difficult situation arise? It’s a good idea to have a list of emergency plumbers in your local area in case your home has a leak, clogged drain, blocked toilet, or another plumbing emergency. If you’re searching for one in Mesa, AZ, who can carry out emergency repairs, then don’t hesitate to call Schroeder Plumbing. They are available 24/7 and can do general plumbing and provide an emergency service.

Find the Water Shut Off Valve

Most homeowners will have a plumbing emergency at some point. It will be easier to deal with if you know what to do in advance. The first thing to remember is that you should try to stay as calm as possible. If you have a leak, remove children and pets from the room and locate the water shut-off valve. This will be located near your water meter; it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with where the shut off valve is before you need to use it in an emergency. If you turn off the shut-off valve, this will stop any more water from entering your home. As a result, it will also minimize the water damage to your property.

Call an Emergency Plumber

Now that you’ve stopped water from coming into your home and causing any more damage, you’ll want to call out an emergency plumber. Professional plumbing companies can usually send a plumber to your home within two or three hours. While you’re waiting for the plumber to arrive, there are several steps you can take to limit the damage to your home.

If there’s still water coming out of the burst pipe even after you’ve shut-off the water supply, you’ll need to turn on all the faucets in your home to get rid of the water, which is still sitting in the pipes. This will help to minimize damage.

You should also mop up excess water as this will stop it from soaking into your carpets and causing more damage. Use rags or paper towels to wipe down wooden surfaces such as cupboards or units. Wood can become swollen and damaged if it’s waterlogged, so act now to dry out your home.

If you live in a warm climate, move any wet items such as rugs or cushions outside, if possible, to help them dry off. If the weather is cold or it’s raining, you could use a heater to help dry your home out.

There are other steps that you’ll need to take, depending on what your plumbing problem is. These are detailed below.

Blocked or Overflowing Toilet

If your toilet is overflowing, you’ll need to shut-off the toilet water supply valve rather than completely stopping the supply of water to your home. Look for this valve behind or underneath the toilet. Turn it as far as you can in a counter-clockwise direction to stop the flow of water to the toilet. The water supply valve shouldn’t be hard to turn, unless it’s old, stiff and rusty. Don’t try to force the vale if it won’t easily turn. Instead, try using some WD-40, which will help to loosen it. If this fails, turn off the water supply to your home and ask the plumber to replace your toilets valve when they get there.

Some old-fashioned toilets haven’t got their own shut-off valve behind them. If this is the case with your toilet, you’ll need to turn off the main water supply to your home, as this will also turn off the water that flows to the bathroom.

After turning the toilets valve, you should flush your toilet, if possible, to check that the water is actually off. An easy way to check if the water supply is off is to look in the back tank. If the waters turned off, the tank would empty into the toilet and won’t be refilled again.

If your toilet is clogged, you may have to check that the water has been turned off correctly by pushing down the float in the tank. As you push the float down, watch to see if more water is being added to the toilets tank. If it is, then your water is still turned on, and you’ll need to pull the float back up so as not to overflow the toilets tank.

Once you’ve stopped the water supply, a plumber will be able to carry out repairs on your toilet. While waiting for them, clean up any excess water from around the toilet.

Water Heater Problems

If you’re having problems with your water heater, you’ll need to turn off the unit straight away. It’s a good idea to know where the electrical shut-off switch is before an emergency arises.

Schroeder Plumbing, Mesa, AZ

Are you looking for a plumbing company in Mesa, Az, to carry out repairs to your home’s water system? Don’t hesitate to contact Schroeder Plumbing. The company has been in business since 1971 and has a proven track record of fantastic customer service, emergency call-out, and great value for money.

Schroeder Plumbing’s experience sets them apart from their competitors. They also guarantee that you’ll be completely satisfied with their work and will return to make further repairs if you’re not.

The business was started by John Schroeder, who saw a gap in the market as there was a need for trustworthy plumbers who weren’t going to charge homeowners and insurance companies a fortune. He utilizes the least invasive means to repair clients’ plumbing problems. The business has expanded through word of mouth and is a local company that you can trust.

Whether you have a new build home that needs plumbing, a plumbing emergency, a dripping tap, or a blocked toilet, Schroeder Plumbing can help. The company can be contacted on 480-326-6959.

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