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Over Forty Years Of Plumbing Service And We’re Still Finding New Ways To Serve You Better | Mesa, AZ

Over Forty Years Of Plumbing Service And We’re Still Finding New Ways To Serve You Better | Mesa, AZ

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Plumbing materials and technologies are keeping us on our toes, and our team of plumbers has been excited to offer them to our Schroeder Plumbing clients around Mesa, AZ because they help us do our job better. From faster, less intrusive ways to find leaks to a range of options for sewer line repair, our team of expert plumbers may come up with solutions for your plumbing service needs that are new to you. While the faster results and cost savings are attractive, we also test these new technologies to make sure they’re right for our customers, and we can explain to you how you’ll benefit if they’re a good option for your situation. We’re your preferred plumber for the long run, and we do work that stands the test of time.

Modern Sewer Line and Water Line Replacement Options

Some of the biggest impacts in potential plumbing service costs comes from new technologies for sewer line and water line repair. As a replacement for complete pipe replacement from the home to the street, these technologies are called “trenchless” because they can be accomplished through small holes dug at either end of the pipe run, rather than involving a disruptive full-length trench dug by a backhoe. The full-pipe replacement costs often include cutting into the street to access the city line, with city-supplied traffic diversion while the work is performed, making trenchless alternatives even more attractive. Plumbing service trenchless repairs are available when the pipe as a whole is fairly intact and has experienced holes due to damage or corrosion. The materials used to place the patch or reline the pipe can protect the pipe from further corrosion as a side benefit, and also have an expected lifetime similar to a replacement pipe.

Leak Detection

Hunting down even small leaks can be a messy business, because most pipes are routed behind walls, under floors, under concrete basement slabs, and in other inaccessible places. Typically, it’s been a challenge to pinpoint the origin of the leak, since water often pools and travels before it reveals itself as a damp spot somewhere a distance from the hole in the pipe. A series of cuts in the wall or other access surface is required to find the origin, and a plumbing service with skilled plumbers is a plus because they can use their knowledge of typical pipe routing to determine the cuts. Modern plumbing service leak detection involves more technology and usually much fewer cuts since listening gear can analyze the sounds from the leak conducted through the pipe. It then calculates the likely location of the leak itself, resulting in as little as one cut, a big advantage when the pipe is running beneath the home’s concrete foundation slab. Video inspection gear can further identify the leak location and nature, and also provide information about the general state of the pipe so the plumbing service can suggest more general solutions if there is evidence of overall internal corrosion with more leaks to come.

Easier and Less Constrained Pipe Replacement

Replacing pipes used to be a challenge for plumbers because they had to know which types of metal pipes reacted with other metals and would prematurely corrode if joined directly. Now, with a variety of materials and joining techniques, pipe replacement to repair leaks, damage, and corrosion is straightforward. This also helps when it’s necessary to substitute modern materials for unhealthy pipes such as those made of lead or certain plastics that have been found to degrade prematurely. Since many homes from building booms such as those in the 1950s have aging pipes that should be replaced, repiping of an entire home’s plumbing has become a popular service. Homebuyers know to look for older, classic homes which have been repiped, as they are less likely to need substantial plumbing repairs in the future, and much less likely to leak and damage valuable wallpaper, paint, and even ceilings and furniture. Some homeowners find that repiping is a great time to have their plumbing service do a kind of limited remodeling, connecting new plumbing fixtures to the exposed pipes before finishing for a more modern look in the kitchen and bathrooms.

High-Tech Drain Cleaning

When you bring in a modern plumber to do your drain cleaning service, you have access to a wide variety of technologies to ensure that the work is done correctly and completely. It’s quite possible to keep clearing a small clog near the fixture, gaining some flow, and yet the slow flow allows a growing clog elsewhere to gather more material resulting in a major clog later on. This is why many people have regular drain cleaning about once a year to remove potential clogs and constrictions in drain pipes deep in the walls. In addition to mechanical clog busting techniques, waves of high-pressure water can be used to flush the pipes down to a clean surface, removing accumulated material. Video inspection is used both to locate major clogs for treatment and to check the condition of the pipes because the power of hydro jetting requires pipes in good shape.

Water-Saving, Convenient Advanced Fixtures

Technology, not just flow restriction, is the way to go for best results in showers and toilet flushing. Designs that use accumulated air pressure to boost the flushing water, or increase the velocity of the shower spray, save on the water bill but get the job done as before. Automatic touchless and paddle-based non-twist sink controls also help everybody use them without waste.

Your Experienced Local Plumber in the Mesa, AZ Area

At Schroeder Plumbing of Mesa, AZ, we’ve been serving our community for four decades. Our affordable plumbing services are distinguished by our attention to detail, the quality of our work, and the pride we take in every plumbing service we provide. Reach out to us for all your plumbing needs, we’re ready for your call.

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