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Modern Plumbing Technology, Old School Experience And Integrity From Your Plumber | Mesa, AZ

Modern Plumbing Technology, Old School Experience And Integrity From Your Plumber | Mesa, AZ

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A lot has changed over the forty-plus years we’ve been serving the Mesa, AZ area at Schroeder Plumbing. We’ve added a lot of plumber’s tools and technologies to our practice, helping us to be more efficient at some of the tougher jobs. Our professional’s wisdom still leads the way, helping us to do the best job for our clients based on our experience with the science of plumbing and the varieties of area construction. Chances are, we’ve seen your plumbing problem before, and found the best way to fix it.

We’re Ready for Your Emergency Calls 24/7

Don’t worry about how it got that way, just call us when you’ve got a plumbing problem that can’t wait. Any time your sink or toilet is backing up, water flow won’t stop, or there are troubling smells, especially in your basement, give us a call and tell us what’s up. In some cases, we can help by phone before our plumber arrives. We might help you to locate the appropriate shutoff valve or guide you with information about what drain techniques could help, and which might make the problem worse. Our team is careful and respectful, and we want you to feel comfortable with them when they visit, no matter the hour.

Household Plumbing Repairs

We’re the plumbers to call for whole-house plumbing maintenance, from your outdoor spigots to your garbage disposal. If it’s not working the way you’d like it to, or not working at all, we’ll sort it out and make sure your comfort and convenience are top priority. We’re also dedicated to making sure your health is covered, from ensuring your sewer line is flowing well to making sure your water quality and pipe materials are safe for you. We’re glad to answer your questions about any plumbing issues in your home, and make regular visits to install new faucets and shower heads, repack existing faucets to stop leaks, and perform preventive plumbing work, like installing or maintaining local shutoff valves and cleaning drains before they clog.

Drain Clearing

There are just so many ways that drains clog that it’s impossible to keep it from happening at some point. That goes double if you have kids, since toilets and drains seem to draw in those plastic action figures and many other toys. Who knows what else can find its way in? Often, a complete clog is the product of a combination of elements, such as a toy, some soap scum, and a bunch of hair that accumulated over time. Experience helps tremendously in clearing drains, and video inspection does as well. Using just an auger, plunger, or chemicals can get the water flowing, but create even bigger problems later. We have ways to ensure that the job is completely done and you can relax.

Video Inspection

Video inspection is an amazing plumber’s tech tool that helps us inspect water lines for corrosion, drain lines for clogs, and your main sewer line for damage or large-scale blockages. It helps us target our efforts since, in addition to identifying the problem, the video line also shows us how far in we need to go to correct the problem. In the case of your sewer, we can also help you understand what your future issues could be, rather than facing the costs of sewer repair without warning.


We’ve come a long way from the days when all plumbers could do to solve a sewer problem was pull up the pipe and replace it, a messy, smelly, and expensive job. Sometimes it’s still necessary, but with video we can understand the problem while the pipe is still in place, and draw from a collection of repair techniques in addition to pipe replacement. We may suggest patching a break in the pipe or relining the entire pipe in place. The solution could also be as simple as using a high-pressure hydro jet system to blast the obstruction away, leaving your sewer intact and flowing normally.

Leak Detection and Repair

We’re especially proud of modern leak detection tools and how we can avoid making numerous cuts in your wall, floor, or ceiling to locate the leak. Now, we can target much more accurately using a sound-based rangefinding system that listens to the pipe. It detects the sound of water leaking, then calculates the distance to the leak. This is helpful in your interior, but it makes a huge difference when the problem is “under the slab” in the original plumbing beneath your foundation or concrete slab. Accessing pipes under or embedded in concrete was one of the toughest parts of a plumber’s work, and still is fairly challenging.

Risky Old Pipes and Re-Piping

It may sound like a big deal, but repiping your house can be the solution to older pipes that’s corroding and leaking in multiple places. It can also be the answer to dangerous lead pipes in your home, or even older copper, iron, or PVC. Depending on the situation, a partial re-piping may be enough. Your plumber can lay out the situation and discuss our recommendations with you for eliminating functional risks and health concerns.

Rerouting, Remodeling, and Appliance Installation

We don’t just do plumbing repairs! Your professional can reroute pipes to make room for wall demolition and remodeling, add fixtures to your kitchen or other space as it is updated, and make sure that your washer, dishwasher, and other appliance connections are where you want them and ready to serve you well. We especially recommend having us review your flexible hoses for wear and aging. We’ve found that stainless steel hoses on your clothes washer not only last longer, but help avoid accidental bursting and flooding of your laundry area since they’re always under pressure.

Expert Plumbing and Reliable Advice from Your Local Mesa, AZ Plumber

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