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How To Choose The Right Plumber | Mesa, AZ

How To Choose The Right Plumber | Mesa, AZ

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Mesa, AZ is a 24-hour city and so you need a 24-hour plumber for any emergencies that occur. But you do not want to ring the first name plumbing company at the top of the list, so what do you need to look out for when searching for a good plumber? You want a plumber from a company that is known for great service and one that can deal with all kinds of problems both large and small.

You want a plumbing company that is available 24/7 to answer your call. You want to be able to speak to a person and not just a voice on an answering machine who promises to call you back in the morning. Another good idea is to check the background of the company and look at reviews online. After you have done this, you should arrive at the reputable name of Schroeder Plumbing.

When Do You Need a Plumber?

There are certain signs you should be on the lookout for, if you spot these signs early you can avoid the need for an emergency plumber. Preventative action will prevent severe damage from occurring to your property.

With so many DIY videos available with so-called experts offering simple fixes to plumbing problems, you may be tempted to have a go at repairing it yourself. We would advise against you doing this. What seems to be a simple repair is often not the case. A plumber from Schroeder Plumbing has many years of experience and carries specialist equipment to conduct repairs safely and effectively.

An inexperienced DIYer can turn a dripping tap into a major flood. If you need an emergency plumber in Mesa, AZ, we have an experienced team on standby, ready 24/7 to respond quickly to your needs.

Emergency Plumbing Service

A frequent problem we are called out for is a burst pipe. If you do have a burst pipe you need to act quickly to avoid major water damage. The first thing you should do is to locate and turn off the mains water shutoff valve in your home. Not everyone knows where theirs is, so now is a good time to find out. The next thing is to turn off the mains electricity supply, this will keep everyone safe from electrocution. Now you can call us, and we can get to work repairing the pipe. Stay out of the house if you see electrical shocks particularly near water.

Overflowing Toilet

One mistake people make is to keep flushing the toilet to remove any blockages. This is a bad idea as all you are likely to do is cause the toilet to overflow. It is not a pleasant mess to have to clean up, with all those germs and bacteria, not to mention human feces. We advise you to leave the clean-up to one of our plumbers who are equipped with protective clothing to keep themselves safe.

Blocked Toilet

If we agree that having an overflowing toilet is a bad idea, then the best step is reducing the chance of creating a blockage in the first place. The only items you should flush down a toilet are water, human waste, toilet tissue, and some gentle cleaners. Anything else is likely to cause a blockage if not flushed away properly. This is because materials like face tissues and female sanitary towels are difficult to dissolve in water. You should also limit the amount of toilet paper per flush, too much at any one time will cause a blockage. You should also limit the amount of cleaner you pour down the toilet as overuse of strong chemicals could damage older pipework and any seals or joints. The safest way to remove any blockages from toilets is to have a professional drain cleaning service from Schroeder Plumbing.

Your Water Heater Is Broken

Your water heater enables you to take hot showers, wash dishes, and do your laundry throughout the day. A water heater breaking down is a common reason why people call us. There are many warning signs that something is going wrong, and they include: the unit is not producing enough hot water, it is making strange noises, it is leaking, or it is shutting down when you start to use too many appliances.

An emergency repair bill can often run into hundreds of dollars, and therefore we strongly advise all our customers to have their water heater regularly serviced at least once a year. After a service, the water heater will be running more efficiently while reducing your energy bills. You will also gain extra peace of mind knowing that the unit is less likely to break down.

If you are finding that your water heater requires increased numbers of repairs to keep going it may be time to think about having a new installation. If you discover that your heater is shutting down when too many water appliances are on, it may be time to upgrade.

The water heater you now have may have been there since you moved into your home. If your family has grown or you use more water appliances, your unit may not be able to cope and shut down. If it does this too often the water heater will eventually break down and need repair.

It is vital that when you select a new unit that it is the correct size for your needs. Selecting an underpowered heater will cause you endless frustration when it fails to deliver the amount of hot water you need. Let a plumber from Schroeder Plumbing help you with the selection and installation of your new unit. Although a new installation will not be cheap. It will pay for itself in the long term, as it will be more economical to run.

Schroeder Plumbing of Mesa, AZ

We have built up a solid reputation for quality work at affordable prices. We have been in business for over 40 years. All our plumbers are experienced and fully licensed. They are carefully vetted before we hire them. Putting off any service or repair work could cause severe damage to your home and land you with an expensive repair bill. If you have any plumbing concerns please give us a call so we can help!

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