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Hot Water and Beyond: Finding The Perfect Plumber | Mesa, AZ

Hot Water and Beyond: Finding The Perfect Plumber | Mesa, AZ

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Those living in Mesa, AZ can experience plumbing problems at any given time. Whether it’s a dripping faucet or a water heater on the brink, it pays to have a professional plumber on your side. And Schroeder Plumbing can definitely help.

You can tell when your water heater is on the brink. One day, you may come home from work or some time in the outdoors and look forward to that long, hot steaming shower. You turn on your water, let it run for a few minutes, and wait, only to find that nothing but ice cold or lukewarm water is coming right out of your tap.

Any water heater can show other signs of damage or breakdown at any time, and it is important that homeowners in Mesa, AZ be aware of what can constitute a breakdown. Water that gets warm without becoming hot, or water that has a rusty or muddy appearance, or just has a strange color to it shows that it’s time to have your water heater inspected and possibly repaired.

Anytime you hear odd, rumbling noises or a metallic clanging, then the odds are great that your water heater tank needs to be checked for faulty parts. Something could be loose, rusty, or poorly put together, and may need to be cleaned, tightened, or replaced.

Protective anodes come built within your water heater and they live up to their name. In fact, they do so for the simple fact that they have the ability to protect the metal part of your water heater from the rust and corrosion that result from the gallons of water that are stored within on an ongoing basis, which means that they are just as vital a part as anything else. So when these little protectors start to rust, your water may show up as looking rusty or dirty. That’s when you know it’s time to call a professional to have them replaced.

A plumber should take a look at your heater’s anode rods every year to ensure that they are doing their job properly. In cases when they fail, your drinking water could be affected and you may be inhaling environmental toxins without much notice. Therefore, having them replaced as needed is critical to the health and safety of your water supply.

During the heating process, sediments in your water can separate themselves and settle into the bottom of the water heater’s tank, where they will build up over time, thus affecting its efficiency in heating up your water and resulting in delays. You may not get sufficient hot water for your shower or your laundry. Doing the dishes may prove to be a hassle and can result in you having to spend hours heating up water just to wash a set. But the good news is that this is a problem that can be easily solved. All that is needed is for the plumber to do a simple flush of the water heater just to clean out the build up.

The water pressure on your heater should be kept right around 80 psi, as increasing it could result in untold damage done to your system. Asking the plumber to check the pressure valve is essential to keeping this issue under control, but you could also ask that the valve be adjusted to keep the pressure on or around the correct psi.

Poor air quality is another factor that can affect the way your water heater works. In fact, it can cause many problems, among them water heater failure. This is something that a plumber can look at during an annual plumbing inspection. Since water heaters must take in air in order to work properly, it becomes highly critical that they take in air that is clean and free of toxins. Keeping common household items such as bleach and ammonia away from the tank is vital to the ongoing health and safety of your water heater.

Knowing when to replace your water heater is vital to your continued ability to get good, quality, long-lasting service for your home. In fact, it is generally understood that most water heaters have a lifespan of 8-12 years on average, and that any attempts to use them afterwards is taking a huge financial risk.

The signs of aging may vary, depending on the type of water heater you have. For gas powered heaters, you pilot light may continuously go out, no matter how many times you may light it during the day. Any of the above issues, such as rust or the failure to heat your water substantially may also serve as signs that you may need to replace your unit with something brand new.

Choosing the right heater can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. A plumber can come to your home to assess the type and size that’s right for your home and the amount of hot water that’s used in it. Buying the wrong size can result in multiple repairs that are costly, and all of this can be avoided by consulting with the plumber in choosing the right brand to install.

But it’s not just the water heater your plumber can fix or install. There are other services included for your convenience and satisfaction, and some can include routine repairs for minor problems such as leaks or dripping faucets. Even remodeling projects can be done as you request, so if you’re looking to upgrade your bath or kitchen, calling a plumber is definitely the right thing to do.

To sum it all up, there’s no better water for cleaning than hot water. Every appliance in your home depends on it, from the dishwasher to the washing machine. Without it, your dishes could not be cleaned and properly sanitized. Clothes may not be as clean as you’d like them to be, and taking a bath or shower may be more difficult. So when your hot water runs out, don’t despair. Call Schroeder Plumbing or visit online and speak to a professional today, it’s definitely worth it.

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