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Having A Plumbing Service Upgrade Your Older Home’s Plumbing In Style | Mesa, AZ

Having A Plumbing Service Upgrade Your Older Home’s Plumbing In Style | Mesa, AZ

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If your home is older and your plumbing is starting to have “character,” at Schroeder Plumbing we’d like to help. The median age of a Mesa, AZ home is 30 years, which means there’s a lot of older piping reaching the point where we may be getting calls. Older pipes start to need repair or replacement, and older fixtures could use a bit more attention than occasional valve repacking. If your home is more than a few years old, it’s time to take regular looks at your pipes and consider whether you’d like to enjoy some more modern fixtures. Most people get used to what they have but love it when they upgrade to something stylish and interesting.

Checking Pipe and Drain Condition

You never know what’s going on in the pipes of an older home. The pipes can be corroded, hidden clogs may linger, and there may even be damage that goes unseen because it’s in the walls or ceiling spaces. With our special plumbing service video inspection gear, we can explore your water supply and drain pipes, including your sewer line, and give you a complete report of where things stand.

Fixture Changes Can Be an Inexpensive Remodeling

If you’d like to change your kitchen’s sink and fixtures or renew your bathroom with a great shower head and modern sink with a faucet, you’ll find that it brings new life to the space by itself. Modern fixtures change the tone of the room while providing reliability due to features such as ceramic washers that will keep them low maintenance for years to come. If you’d like to add electronic options, we can install several varieties of touchless faucets and even voice-operated ones that will turn on and off at your command, even from across the room while you’re tending to something else.

These and paddle-style faucet controls are especially helpful for seniors and people who are disabled and don’t want to twist old faucet knobs anymore. In your shower, our plumbing experts can go beyond the great new low-flow but high-pressure showerheads to ones that provide a better shower experience and more coverage, allowing you to de-stress at times, or get clean fast when your morning is fully booked.

Supporting Your Whole-Room Remodeling Dreams


If you’re reaching the point where you’d like to renew your entire kitchen or bathroom, let us show you what we can do to upgrade it. Our plumbing service will re-pipe as necessary, install fixtures in place or move their location, add luxury showers and sink faucets, even double-up for his and her sinks. And what about that toilet? If yours is original or replaced decades ago, you’ll have some interesting replacement options available that may be new to you. Have you seen the dual-flush systems that let you choose the water volume? What about the units that build up air pressure from the water line and use it to jet-blast instead of just dropping a large volume of water? If you have been thinking about bidets, perhaps due to recent paper shortages, our plumbing service can set you up with that feature as well for your comfort and convenience. There’s no reason you can’t have a classic home with some modern features for the occupants to enjoy.


Then there’s the kitchen, where it’s possible you’re not even set up for a dishwasher in some homes. When you’re remodeling you can add the features you like, and if you’ve been living there for some time you may think you’re all set until one of you says well, maybe we deserve a bit of a break from washing dishes after so many years. That’s our cue to show you how you can actually save water by using a dishwasher, and we’ll make sure that yours is installed just right with the special plumbing features that such devices need, including an air gap device needed for use with a garbage disposal. We’ll run lines for a bar sink, relocate existing sinks and fixtures, and connect your new fridge’s features such as ice maker and water dispenser which you will wonder how you did without when summer sets in. Can you tell that our plumbing service loves to do kitchens? They’re the heart of many families, especially as time passes and generations gather, and we are glad to make them special and convenient for you.

Re-piping and Repair

If you’ve been having repeated leaks in your pipes, it’s time to talk to your plumbing service. The same is true if you have a home over 20 or 30 years old or with certain types of PVC pipe or any kind of lead pipe, or hard water. Pipes are not forever, not even old cast iron ones, water can corrode and wear them down over time until they get thin and start to leak all over. You may not see all the leaks because the water soaks into the walls and ceiling and evaporates before it stains the outside, but it’s there. Sometimes the first clue you get will be the slight smell of mold near where a leak has been ongoing. Re-piping is a common procedure our plumbing service team performs where old pipes are swapped for new ones, with the major advantages being that you don’t have to chase after leaks as the pipes continue to age, and you don’t have to worry about your beautiful home being damaged by water coming from the walls fed by those leaks.

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