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Factors That Affect a Homeowners’ Septic Tank Pumping Schedule | Mesa, AZ

Factors That Affect a Homeowners’ Septic Tank Pumping Schedule | Mesa, AZ

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Some homeowners, especially those who’ve owned residential properties for long, have sought septic tank pumping services once or severally. More than one in five homes in the United States rely on an individual onsite or a small community sewer system for their wastewater disposal needs. However, connecting multiple residential sewer drainage systems to a smaller septic tank could yield inconveniences such as frequent overflows.

Imagine investing in beautifying your garden or yard, and the next day you wake up and find sewer all over your outdoor space. Other than being a health hazard, it will cause discomfort and make you incur expenses to receive sewer damage restoration services. It would help if you talked to a septic tank pumping specialist to help you analyze your septic tank’s size and create a pumping schedule to avoid such problems.

Other times, the pumping schedule may not be effective considering some homeowners don’t consider factors that lead to sewer build-up in sewer tanks while creating the plans. If you own a home some of the factors you may look at when making a pumping schedule are discussed below.

Water Usage

The amount of water used in a home affects the number of times a homeowner seeks septic tank pumping services. The more the amount of water they use, the higher the amount of wastewater in the tanks, making them fill up quicker than the estimated time. Apart from incurring high water bills for using water extravagantly, you may also have to sacrifice an additional amount to cater to the frequent pumping services you receive. To prevent impromptu sewer overflows, ensure you consider this factor while developing a septic tank plumbing schedule with a plumber.

Frequency Of Guests In Homes

Having family members or friends come over to your house is one of the best feelings you can ever have. Imagine being alone in your 10-bedroom home! The boredom may be unbearable, making you think otherwise to resell your home and get a smaller one. To avoid such incidents, some homeowners in Mesa, AZ, often accommodate guests in their homes. Socially speaking, it’s a good idea, but you should know having visitors increases the amount of waste buildup into your sewer tanks. Homeowners who prefer having a larger family in their houses should adjust to their septic tank pumping schedules.

Household Size

Some homes have a large number of family members. For instance, the whole extended family, from the great grandfather to the great-grandson, may be living under one roof. This implies the homeowner will have to pay a generous amount of utility bills for commodities such as water and electricity. Additionally, the house owner may incur more expenses for routine services such as septic tank pumping. This is because the number of users within the house is large. For a pumping schedule to work effectively, you have to include family size in your list of considerations. The more the residents in a home, the more the amount of waste accumulates in the sewer tanks.

Septic Tank Size

The tank size is one of the critical elements of effective septic tank pumping scheduling. Smaller septic tanks fill up rapidly, making homeowners seek septic tank plumbing services often. Usually, the size of a septic tank is determined by the largeness of homes and the number of plumbing fixtures that eliminate waste from the premises. It may be hard to identify whether your sewer tank size fits its purpose, mostly if you weren’t around during construction. Otherwise, you may have room additions and renovations, which implies your current septic tank will have to work more frequently. For these reasons, you should consider tank size to make your schedule work effectively and if you find that hard, seek help from a sewer pumping specialist.

Garbage Disposal System

Homeowners who don’t consider garbage disposals while making their pumping schedules will have to deal with a defective pumping schedule. Having a garbage disposal in your home means food waste enters your sewer tanks, and the waste affects the bacteria balance within the tank. A bacteria is an important tool for the breakdown of solid waste. For that reason, septic pumping providers often advise customers not to have garbage disposals in their homes. However, if you badly need the systems, you will have to plan for sewer tank pumping solutions more frequently.


There is a high chance that each homeowner utilizes a chemical to operate their day-to-day sanitation activities. They use detergents to wash dishes and clothes, clean toilets and bathrooms, remove stains from sinks, and groom their bodies. When these chemicals drain into sewer systems, they interrupt the balance of bacteria inside the tans. This makes the reliable waste breakdown process slow down. Individuals using chemical products in their homes should schedule frequent septic tank pumping services to cover up for the slow-breaking down procedure. If they fail to do so, they may be looking at more significant problems such as clogging the tanks entry and exit drains or incur more sewer tank pumping expenses because non-decomposed solid waste consumes more pumping time as compared to the decomposed solid waste.

Age Of Sewer System

Unfortunately, every appliance or system you add to your home has a lifespan, and the more it gets older, the more it struggles to work effectively. If you have an old septic tank or sewer plumbing system in your home, it will mean the system has to put in more effort to handle the waste material from your home. This implies you’ll need to seek septic tank pumping services frequently to avoid straining the sewer system. You wouldn’t want to incur whole system replacement or repair costs; hence getting these services is the best step.

Get Septic Tank Pumping Services

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