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Creating Water Features And Outdoor Kitchens For Summer Evening Relaxation With Your Plumbing Service | Mesa, AZ

Creating Water Features And Outdoor Kitchens For Summer Evening Relaxation With Your Plumbing Service | Mesa, AZ

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Do you think about somewhere to linger in Mesa, AZ after the sun goes down? A nice restaurant with a patio or another area where you can relax, eat dinner, and play a bit? What about in your own backyard? With great evening temperatures in the summer and all-day comfort in the winter, upgrading your backyard can lead to amazing results. A second kitchen space for cooking, water features to watch and cool off by, and drinking fountains for cool water right where you play are just a few of the ways our plumbing service can make a difference for you. We’re Schroeder Plumbing, Mesa, AZ experts in outdoor plumbing as well as licensed professional plumbers for your home.

Bringing It Outside

While it can be crazy hot on summer days, as the sun sets it’s a great time to take it outside, out of the AC. You can take a look at the sky, enjoy a breeze, watch the kids play or do some projects around the yard. When you think about why you might go inside during your summer evenings, mostly it involves plumbing. A trip to the bathroom, but more often a trip to get water or clean up. There’s no reason you provide some plumbing outside to serve your family and visitors on warm summer evenings or winter days. Our plumbing service provides creative solutions for your specific needs or standard upgrades to your spaces, all performed with expert plumbing skills.

Cut Down on the Traffic to the Kitchen

Are you tired of hearing the screen door slam or cleaning up the path to the kitchen or downstairs bathroom? It’s summer, and when people are having fun outside, playing in the yard, gardening, or preparing to cook on the grill, they should be able to stay outside. Adding a bit of outdoor plumbing, a utility sink, or patio kitchen space, can give people a place to get drinking water, wash their hands, even do some dishes before they come inside. Our plumbing team knows that kids need their own sinks, too, and can install facilities that are kid-sized as well as the ones for adults. How about a water fountain for quick hydration? Freestanding or attached to your home, we can make it happen. You’ll wonder why homes don’t come with these features installed for everyone.

Convenience for You and Your Kids

If you think about plumbing service calls, you might just think of backed-up sinks and repairs. Our plumbing service team is family-oriented, and we love to add and modify plumbing features so that everyone can use them. If you need disability-related equipment or adjustments, smaller potties for little ones, reachable sinks, and automatic shut-offs so there’s less mess, we’re the ones to call. Our plumbing service can adjust your bath, shower, and other plumbing to meet your needs. Want a luxurious shower, or a toilet with a bidet? Why not? In the kitchen, there’s so much we can do, even voice-operated faucets for hands-free use, and under-sink water heaters for quick hot water when you’re working or washing.

Workspaces Where You Can Clean Up

Do you have to go inside to clean up after working on projects in your garage or shed? Why not run water lines out there and add a sink? It’s not only convenient but helps keep your grease and dirt outside for a more beautiful home. Our plumbing service can put in a dual sink with tankless hot water, a lab sink if it’s what you need, or a single tub sink with a powerful spray. It’s up to you. If you enjoy gardening or working in the yard, when we run a line for a drinking fountain near the back fence, we can add a spigot for hand washing and hose connections too, keeping all your activities local. Why not bring the water to where you need it?

Pool Showers and Convenient Sinks

It’s more sanitary to shower before swimming, but what about all the traffic into the house? Maybe it’s time to add an outdoor shower that people can use before diving in, whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool. It’s also an excellent way to parade young ones through after a busy day before they go inside, layers of dirt, and who knows what else left behind. We can also add a bar sink to your pool house right by the fridge, opening your options for entertainment. Summers here in Arizona are all about hydration, so ready access to plenty of water is the right way to go.

Summer Is a Great Time for Plumbing Repairs and Maintenance

As things slow down for the summer, or speed up and keep you busy, it’s a great time to slip in a bit of plumbing work that might be overdue. One of the most important jobs is your regular drain cleaning service that keeps the pipes clear so any emergency plumbing service backup calls are simpler. We also typically take a look inside the pipes with video, making sure that the pipes themselves are in good shape. The same goes for your sewer line, where we can not only inspect and blast clogs clear, but if there’s anything going wrong like degrading pipe or tree root intrusions, we can catch it early and make a plan. These days, sewer pipe repairs are often an option, instead of replacement.

Plumbing with Integrity Since 1971

Are you looking for affordable, personalized plumbing service with experienced professionals who come to your door themselves? We’ve been doing plumbing right for 40 years now. Schroeder Plumbing serves Mesa, AZ area customers in the east valley and west valley. We offer 24-hour emergency plumbing service and professional plumbing repairs, upgrades, and renewal, plus specialized plumbing features. We’d love to have you as a customer, whatever your plumbing needs. Give us a call and let us know how we can help you.

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