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Consult A Plumber To Choose The Right Faucet And Plumbing Fixtures For Your Home | Mesa, AZ

Consult A Plumber To Choose The Right Faucet And Plumbing Fixtures For Your Home | Mesa, AZ

In any plumbing system at any home, the faucet is one of the fixtures you will most likely find. It is a critical plumbing fixture for any home. Whether in a bathroom or the kitchen, you need reliable and functional faucets. However, given the various faucets available in the market today, it can be tricky for a homeowner to choose the right faucet.

You could find different styles, finishes, and materials in the Mesa, AZ area, making it an overwhelming process to make the right decision on the faucet. Some of the homeowners look for a style reflecting their taste. Others prefer durability and convenience. However, plumbers often recommend several tips that can help you choose an ideal faucet for your home. Below are some tips to follow.

Though the Style Matters, Other Things Also Do Matter

Some homeowners will choose a faucet just based on its appearance or looks. A stylish-looking faucet might reflect a homeowner’s unique taste. However, you should not only purchase or choose a faucet solely based on how it looks. When selecting a faucet, there are several other critical things that you should consider. Matching with the other hardware in your bathroom or the kitchen is a critical factor to consider. The material making the faucet, its functionality, durability, and finish are among the other key considerations.

Because of the wide variety of available options in the market today, you can easily find a faucet with the right look without compromising its functionality and quality. However, finding the right faucet with the required features might prove daunting because you aren’t a professional plumber. Fortunately, the faucet retailers, manufacturers, and designers could offer you guidance on the ideal faucet to choose and purchase. However, only a professional plumbing expert can help you decide on the right tap for your home.

The Right Finish

If the plumbing fixtures do not match, they will ruin your space’s overall balance and look. The professional plumbers recommend purchasing faucets that match your existing hardware in the kitchen or bathroom. Your home’s entire plumbing theme and color must be in sync. When it comes to faucets, there are three main finishes; nickel, chrome, and bronze. The main difference between all the three is their durability, with some having higher durability than others.

Bronze Finish

Faucets having a bronze finish usually have a brownish tone. They are often labeled rubbed or oiled bronze. The bronze finish is the least durable because the faucet’s surface features a coating. Though the finish will last for some time, it isn’t as durable as nickel and chrome. It is the least durable finish and might even easily chip off. For this reason, professionals recommend that you buy faucets having at least a nickel or chrome finish.

Chrome Finish

Of the three faucet finishes, chrome has the highest durability. It is also the easiest finish to clean because it doesn’t easily chip off. That’s why many of the faucets are shipped with a chrome finish. The public bathrooms and commercial kitchens have faucets with a chrome finish because they have long-term toughness.

Nickel Finish

The faucets shipped with a nickel finish often feature a dull shine. They are normally labeled as stainless steel or satin. The taps having nickel finish are durable but are prone to having fingerprints and water spots. Hence, it is hard to keep the faucets with a nickel finish clean. To prevent this issue, some faucets with a nickel finish feature an additional coating to help at reducing smudges and spots. Unfortunately, the nickel coating isn’t durable and might easily chip off.

Spout Reach and Height

The spout’s reach and height usually vary. However, you could often choose a tap with a reasonable spout reach and height. But in case there are other various hardware fittings, such as the shelves above your sink, you’ll have to choose a properly fitting faucet. Based on the kitchen sink’s bowls, you’ll need to purchase a faucet that reaches all of them. Whenever planning a faucet installation, you are advised to contact a plumber. The professional can help you shop for a faucet or recommend one that will properly fit your Mesa, AZ home’s theme, match your needs, and have enough reach and height.

Spend Thoughtfully

You may plan to spend a fortune shopping and installing a faucet for your bathroom or kitchen. However, you can also get a decent tap by spending a reasonably lower amount in reality. Again if you plan to spend too less, you’ll likely purchase a low-quality tap that might be functioning properly but with low durability. If you’re spending a lot, you might probably pay for the style and the extra features. A plumber can offer you guidance regarding faucet budget estimates, meaning that you’ll save some money by not spending too much on this plumbing fixture.

Choosing the Right Valves

Do you want to prevent water from dripping into the sink from the faucet? Then you should purchase the rightly-sized valves. An experienced plumber may recommend purchasing a ceramic valve because they are durable though they cost the same price as the other valves.

Single Handle Faucets Are More Convenient

The traditional kitchens and bathrooms still use tapes that have two handles. Although this offers a more symmetric appearance, single-handed faucets have a higher convenience in use. Single-handle faucets are more convenient when adjusting the water temperature and save space in the sink. Considering all their advantages, the plumbers recommend that you install faucets that have a single handle.

Holes in Your Sink

Faucets don’t work in isolation but in collaboration with your sink. A critical tip by the plumbers in Mesa, AZ, the holes in your sink match the new faucet and all the other hardware installed in your kitchen or bathroom.

Your Dependable Plumbing Professionals

A faucet is integral to your home’s plumbing system. Hence, you want them in a functional and reliable state. This involves the entire process, from purchasing to installing them at your home. For this reason, there are many things to consider, as explained above. Before you buy a faucet, consult your reliable plumbing expert. Do you need a faucet replacement or installation service at your home? Call our reliable and experienced plumbers at Schroeder Plumbing today.

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