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Consult A Plumber For Your Toilet Installation Options For New Homes | Mesa, AZ

Consult A Plumber For Your Toilet Installation Options For New Homes | Mesa, AZ

Toilets are an essential part of the plumbing system because they dispose of waste from a house, promoting sanitation and preventing illnesses.

Toilets might differ in style and design, but components such as waste pipes, water tanks or cisterns, S-bend or S-trap pipes, and toilet bowls or seats that a plumber should install correctly to properly eliminate poop, puke, and pee from your house.

The US Environmental Protection Agency points out that toilets account for almost 30 percent of the total water used in residential properties. The typical toilets use up to 6 gallons of water per flush, making the WaterSense brand the most preferable because of the low water usage per flush.

Choosing the best toilet for your home can be challenging and overwhelming because of the versatile styles, models, colors, and brands in the plumbing market in Mesa, AZ.

To lower the risk of selecting a toilet that does not perform as you want, get a certified and qualified plumber to help in the selection process. Things to factor in before making the final purchase decision include your taste and preference, cost of the unit, style, size of the bathroom, and the number of people that will live in the new house after its completion.

Without further ado, here are some of the high efficient toilet options you can select for your new home construction.

Pressure Assisted Toilets

One of the many toilet options to consider when buying a toilet for your house is pressure-assisted toilets. A plumbing professional connects the unit that uses pressurized air in the tank for additional force to push waste down the drain. They are the best choice for homeowners because of the reduced risk of clogging.

The plumber may recommend installing the toilets a distance from bedrooms because of the noise that can disrupt peaceful sleep.

The pressure-assisted sanitary fixture is preferable by homeowners with many family members because it allows the frequency of use. They have a tank-in-tank design with less condensation, reducing the amount of sweat.

One of its downsides is the cost because they are more expensive than most toilets. The hired plumber can advise against this toilet in homes with children because of the difficulty in flushing. It requires strength for people to flush the toilet.

Dual-Flush Toilets

It is another option to consider for your new house. The dual-flush toilets have two flushing options, a half flush for pee and a full flush for poop. When a plumbing expert correctly installs the high-efficiency plumbing fixture, it effectively reduces water consumption by 67 percent.

Homeowners can select between the flush valve and the tank dual flush fixtures. Some states in the US recommend low-flow or full-flow dual flushing systems for new constructions.

If a plumbing technician makes the push button on top of the tank easy to press, allowing 0.8 gallons of water to flush liquid waste or the lever on the side of the tank to flush 1.6 gallons of water to eliminate solid waste.

Gravity-Flush Toilets

Residential property owners can also opt for gravity-flush toilets for their domestic homes in Mesa, AZ. They are the most preferred option because of their silent operation and easy maintenance due to their fewer parts. The licensed plumber follows the manufacturer’s instructions to install the toilet fixture correctly for high efficiency.

The toilet tank has a flush button that homeowners and family members press to allow water through the trap way. They rarely clog, making them the preferred choice by most people building their new homes.

Compared to the pressured toilets, they are less costly because of their simple model. Its simplicity and use of technology make it easy for a plumber to install them. The gravity toilets use a lot of water to flush because they might require multiple flushes because of the low water pressure.

Double Cyclone Flush

Another hit in the plumbing market is the double cyclone flush for residential properties. They use less water per flush because of the gravity that sucks the water down the drain.

Water from the toilet tank passes through two nozzles in the bowl, swirling like a cyclone to clean, rinse and push down waste. A plumbing professional from the best plumbing company in Mesa, AZ, can recommend the toilet if you want a flushing system that saves water bills.

Upflush toilets

To add to the high-efficient toilet systems suitable for homes is the upflush option. They are easy to transfer from one place to another.

A certified and qualified plumber can install the up flush toilet system in any part of your home. The toilet does not require a plumbing expert to drill holes on your bathroom floor for installation because it is mobile.

It differs from conventional toilets due to a different discharge process. After flushing, the wastewater goes through an upward pipe connected to a discharge pipe and the sewage system.

Wall-Hung Toilets

Folks with new homes can also choose wall-hung toilets because of their modern and stylish models. Since a qualified plumber in Mesa, AZ, installs the water tank into the wall, they save adequate space.

The wall-hung toilet fixtures are costly and require professional installation due to their complexity. The setting up of the wall-hung toilets adds to its expenses, making the sanitary fixture more expensive.

Last is the single flush toilet that uses one flush system mechanism. Unlike the dual-flush with a button for low flow and a lever for a full flush, the single flush system uses the same amount of water to eliminate the liquid or solid waste.

It is the most popular type of toilet that uses a trip lever handle on the front of the toilet tank for flushing. The single flush toilet also features a flapper that connects to the handle for easy flushing.

In Need of Professional Installation Services?

Most homeowners go for high-efficient toilets that save on water and minimize water wastage in homes. When you want plumbing fixtures in your new construction building, it is wise to get a trained and qualified plumber from Schroeder Plumbing for quality installation and consultation services. We are a plumbing company in Mesa, AZ, offering prompt and competent services for more than 40 years. Our professionals address a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing issues.

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