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Call A Plumber For Your Next Maintenance Check | Mesa, AZ

Call A Plumber For Your Next Maintenance Check | Mesa, AZ

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With the harsh winter weather finally going away, it is an ideal time to schedule your next maintenance check. A typical household in Mesa, AZ, consumes much more water during the summer than during the winter. However, the harsh winter season might have put some stress on the plumbing installation of the house. Exposed pipes, icy conditions and pouring rain are some of the factors that degrade the function of the house plumbing. With that being said, it is essential to arrange for a plumber to run a full inspection to the plumbing system of your property to ensure that it is in top-notch condition and ready to welcome the increased demand of water that comes along with the summer season.

If you are planning to set off your house during the summer, it is a good idea to ensure that the plumbing system is in safe condition and it won’t put out any unpleasant surprise while you are away. There is no better way to find out the condition of the plumbing system but by seeking the expertise of a professional plumber. Only an experienced person can assess the entire system and put your mind at rest while you are away. With many neighbors planning to set off for some much-deserved vacations, it is essential to secure a maintenance slot before they all run out.

In this post, you will find out the main reasons that a summer maintenance check is a must before setting off to an exotic destination.

Water Flow Check

It is a good idea to have a plumbing crew check the pipes that provide your household with freshwater. The water is pressurized in order to make the most of the various facilities installed in the house, but it is vital for an expert to check that the system is in good condition and there are no leaks.

A leak on the pipes that supply the freshwater can cause significant damage as the water will keep flowing unless a cut-off valve is switched on. An experienced plumber will look for all sorts of issues, including limescale, corroded pipes, rusty valves, and pretty much anything that doesn’t look normal. If you are planning to leave your home for a long period during the summer, it is always a good idea to mention that to your plumbing agency which will exercise extra caution when inspecting the pressurized pipes.

Waste System

Whether your property is connected to the public sewage network or you own a septic tank, it is a good idea to frequently check the condition of the drain pipes. A clogged pipe can cause a disruption to your daily life as it might render some facilities inoperable. A clog can occur anywhere within the sewage pipelines of your house, and it is difficult for a non-experienced person to determine where exactly the clog is. This is better left to an experienced plumber who can safely check the hidden pipes and perform a drain cleaning service. Sanitary products, soil, and food particles are some of the objects that plumbers in Mesa, AZ discover daily during an emergency drain cleaning call. Before you decide to use a drain cleaning chemical, it is always a good call to check with your local plumbing service provider as it might cause greater damage to the pipe itself.

Privately-owned waste tanks come with a variety of benefits. They are not dependent on the sewage network and apart from the regular cleaning services, there are no extra charges to use it. Waste tanks are durable and can last for many years, but proper maintenance is the key to achieve longevity.

Waste tanks are buried in the garden outside your house in an area known as the drainfield. It is a good practice to leave that area free of heavy items such as cars or heavy constructions as the waste system that is buried below is susceptible to pressure and you may accidentally cause a rapture which may lead in an emergency visit from your local plumbing service.

The tank is accessible by the hatch that is located in the centre of the drainfield. It is essential to only allow your plumber to access that as it poses a hazard risk for your health. In addition, dust, soil and leaves might contaminate the tank if it’s not properly sealed after maintenance. This can lead to additional service being required.

Between the regular checkpoints, it is a good practice to monitor the correct function of the septic tank by looking out for any signs that an emergency repair is needed. As mentioned before, an unconfined exposure of the tank might pose a risk to the health and safety of the occupants. When the tank becomes blocked, you may notice that the wastewater is taking longer to drain. This is a sign that a clog might be restricting the water from flowing towards the tank.

Also, if you notice a foul smell emanating from the sink or the drainfield, that is a sign that a plumber needs to check whether the tank is properly digesting the incoming waste. Finally, if you spot a water puddle developing inside the drainfield, it is essential to call for an emergency drain cleaning service. A tank overflow might occur from missing a drain appointment or an unexpected malfunction in the water tank. Should you notice that, reach out to your local plumber and explain the problem. Until the drain cleaner arrives, it is suggested to remain away from the contaminated area.

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