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Beware: Unscruoulous  Plumbers!

Beware: Unscruoulous Plumbers!

BEWARE: How to avoid Unscrupulous Plumbers?
Unscrupulous Plumbers: Having a proper diagnosis is ‘key’ to a proper repair. This customer called their home warranty company for a plumbing related issue. The home warranty company referred out one of the ‘plumbers‘. Where they told the homeowner that they would need to jackhammer up the floor to make the repair. Home warranty does not cover this kind of repair.

The cost: $$$$’s. The home warranty plumber in turn called out a ‘dry-out specialist‘. Immediately they told the homeowner that they would need to open up the drywall in 2 rooms. From the floor to about 48″ up PRIOR to the plumber doing any of the repairs. Fortunately for them, the homeowner decided to call their homeowners insurance. Due to, see if anything would be covered under their policy.

The insurance company called John Schroeder Plumbing for a diagnosis. We determined that the issue was a cracked drainage fitting above the slab. Hence, no walls would need to be removed. The actual cost: $160.

I hope that people realize that there are many, MANY unscrupulous ‘restoration’ contractors. That are prowling about looking for unsuspecting homeowners who will be willing to pay ridiculous fees for work that does NOT need to be done.

Restoration contractors approach us all of the time offering $500 to $1000’s of dollars for any referrals they receive for a water damage cleanup. We ALL pay WAY to much in insurance premiums to allow that type of payola. John Schroeder Plumbing has a strict policy in place that our employees cannot refer water damage specialists. For them to perform remediation or dry-out service contractors unless the insurance carrier can approve it.

Be wise. Call a plumber with integrity who does not compromise their ethics for a quick dollar OR $1000!!

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