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5 Upgrades That Your Plumber Can Do | Mesa, AZ

5 Upgrades That Your Plumber Can Do | Mesa, AZ

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Your house needs to be upgraded every once in a while in order to keep up with modern trends as well as improve the value of your home. Upgrades might be a costly affair but if you install items of the newest technology then you will be able to save a lot more money in the long run. One of the best upgrades you can do for your home is to upgrade the plumbing system. The plumbing system is an integral part of your home that gets used every day. New plumbing technology has increased water usage efficiency which will be good for your budget as well as the environment. Schroeder Plumbing in Mesa, AZ has some amazing plumbers and interesting gadgets that can be installed to improve the plumbing system. Here are five upgrades that will bring your plumbing system into the 21st century.

1. Greywater Systems

You might be thinking, “What is a greywater system?”. A greywater system collects water that is flushed down the drain but doesn’t come into contact with human waste. This water is stored in a container. The chemicals can be removed from the water and then it can be used to fill up toilets or it can be used to water the gardens. This will decrease your utility costs as you will not be spending the extra money to water your garden. It will also decrease the amount of fresh, drinkable water that gets wasted when we flush the toilet multiple times a day. There is a wide range of greywater systems available thus it is best to consult your plumber on which system would suit your home and your needs. It is also best to have a professional install the greywater system as there are many components that have to be connected to your current system for it to function correctly.

2. Leak Detectors

Another great way to decrease the amount of water you use is to install leak detectors. Leak detectors are great because they will notify you that there is a leak which allows you to turn off the water main and call a plumber. This will decrease the amount of time that water escapes your plumbing system which will save you money and you will not be wasting copious amounts of water. Some leak detector models indicate where the leak is located to it will save the plumber to find the leak. It is best to let a plumber install the leak detector because they will be able to decide which areas or components are more suspectable to leaks. Schroeder Plumbing in Mesa, AZ will answer any questions you have regarding leak detectors and their benefits and installation.

3. Smart Water Heaters

As the technology in the plumber world advances so does plumbing technology therefore there is no surprise that one can find smart water heaters, toilets, and showers. Smart water heaters consume less energy to heat up the water to the desired temperature. Smart water heaters also come with a thermostat that can be used to change the temperature of the water that the heater heats up. This means that you can decrease the temperature in the summer when you do not want to take a scorching shower and increase it in the winter to keep the cold away. Smart water heaters also come with a notification function that will inform the homeowner that something is amiss with the water heater. Some smart water heaters can also monitor the water usage with can help you to identify leaks.

4. Smart Toilets

The older the toilet the more water it uses per flush. Toilets that were made after 1994 use 1.6 gallons of water for a single flush which adds up over time. One way to decrease water usage is to flush the toilets less but that can leave your bathroom stinky and unsanitary. The other option is to install a smart toilet. Smart toilets use about 0.6 gallons of water per flush which will decrease your water bill dramatically. Smart toilets also come with a variety of other functions that make them superior to traditional toilets. Some smart toilets have a seat warmer function which will save you behind during the cold winter months. Smart toilets also have sensors that prevent your toilet from overflowing due to a clog. These sensors can also detect leaks. Some smart toilets have motion detectors so you do not have to flush the toilet by hand which prevents germs from spreading. With all these additional functions, smart toilets are a pricy investment thus it is best to do research on which brand and model would be the best choice for you. If you are struggling then it is best to contact your plumber for advice.

5. Smart Showers

The final smart plumbing appliance that will be discussed today is smart showers. It is a known fact that showering is better than bathing when it comes to water conservation. These smart showers have the option to set the exact temperature you want your shower to be so you will not struggle to find the perfect temperature. This item is considered a luxury item and thus less common than a smart toilet or a smart water heater. This item is not completely required as you will not be saving as much money but it could increase the value of your home. If you are struggling to find information about smart showers then contact your plumber. They will advise your which brands are the best as well as which ones they have experience working with. You would a lot more money if you invest in a smart water heater than a smart showerhead.

If you are considering any of the upgrades for your home then it is best to contact a professional plumber to conduct these upgrades. Schroeder Plumbing will be able to assist you with any queries related to plumbing upgrades.

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