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5 Plumbing Service Projects That You Shouldn’t Do Yourself | Mesa, AZ

5 Plumbing Service Projects That You Shouldn’t Do Yourself | Mesa, AZ

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Plumbing services are most effective when they are carried out by a professional. Some homeowners think that they will save money when they attempt to conduct plumbing repairs. This is not the case. You might save some money on the labor costs but if the work is not done properly then you will have to redo it which can become a costly affair. Schroeder Plumbing in Mesa, AZ would like to tell you what plumbing repairs you should never attempt to do as they can damage your pipes and cause disarray in your home.

1. Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are a rare occurrence but when they happen, they can be very dangerous. The gas that heats the water in your gas water heater is poisonous and can cause serious health complications. The gas is also highly flammable so if any appliance makes a spark then your house can go up in flames. This can cause injury and death. A gas leak is characterized by a rotten egg smell. If you smell rotten eggs, it is best to evacuate the house, open the windows, and call professionals to inspect your house. They will be able to repair the gas leak without any casualties as they have the correct tools and safety equipment. A plumbing service provider that is qualified to work on gas lines will repair the leak and inspect your water heater to make sure there aren’t any other faults.

2. Flooding

Flooding can happen for a variety of reasons. Your home can flood due to a storm, a burst pipe, or a blocked drain. If there is a storm then a plumber will not be able to help you but they can suggest a cleaning company that can remove the water from your home. Plumbing services would be suitable for a blocked drain or a burst pipe. If you have a blocked drain then you might be tempted to remove the blockage yourself but you are not sure of what caused the blockage or what the condition of your pipes is. It is best to hire a professional because they will be able to inspect your pipe and determine which drain cleaning service would be the most suitable for you. When it comes to burst pipes, it is advised to get a professional to fix the pipe as soon as possible. If it is left for too long then your home can suffer a lot of water damage. This burst pipe will also increase your water bill. You can try to minimize the amount of water that is being wasted but you should not attempt to repair the burst pipe yourself. Schroeder Plumbing in Mesa, AZ recommends always hiring a professional to repair burst pipes, blocked drains, and any other plumbing service needs.

3. Installations

Youtube is a great resource for people who want to learn how to do new things but you should not use Youtube as your guide when you want to attempt to install something in your plumbing system. You should hire professional plumbing services because plumbing installations can be dangerous. Water and electricity go hand in hand when installing plumbing components such as water heaters. Some manufacturers also require that a licensed plumber install components in order for your warranty to be valid. Plumbers will also be able to install your components a lot faster than you could and they will do it without damaging any other components in your system. While they are installing the components, they might identify a fault and advise you of it before it causes a problem.

4. Replacing the Plumbing System

Replacing all the pipes in your plumbing system is a daunting task that will require a lot of manpower and knowledge to make sure that everything is done correctly and that it works. You should never attempt to replace pipes in your plumbing system. You might join the pipes incorrectly which could lead to small leaks. If a professional plumbing service provider replaces all the pipes then your new pipes will last for many years and it will increase the value of your home. The plumber will have to design the new plumbing system so that it is more effective than the old system. Your plumber will be able to advise you on what would be the best option. You could have your pipe rerouted or they may have to be dug up to be replaced.

5. Standing Water

Standing water is another problem that is best left to the professionals. Standing water can appear anywhere in your home. It is most commonly found in your backyard or basement. The reason why you should hire a professional plumbing service provider is that you will struggle to determine what the cause of standing water is, especially if you do not have the right equipment. Leaky pipes, clogged drains, and cracks in the foundation can cause water to pool. Once the plumber has determined the cause of the standing water, the plumber can repair the problematic area. If you attempt to resolve the problem of standing water on your own, you will take a lot longer to find the fault than a plumber would.

Now that you know which plumbing services you should not attempt yourself, you should look for a plumber that will be able to help you with all your plumbing needs. If you are looking for a reliable plumber then Schroeder Plumbing is a great option. They provide a wide range of services that will suit your plumbing service needs. They have friendly employees that will answer any questions that you might have regarding your plumbing.

If you are looking for a professional plumber then contact Schroeder Plumbing in Mesa, AZ to schedule your appointment.

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