We had some serious root issues with our old cast iron pipes and needed to replace a line that ran pretty much under the whole legth of the house. Schroeder’s Trenchless Sewer Replacement was just what we needed. They were able to work from one of our bathrooms inside and a connectin point outside to run the new pipe. It was a few days works but the crew was great. We had several members from Schroeder Plumbing doing work here and each and every one was professional, personable, and hard working. I saw Ray each day and got an update in the morning and afternoon as to what was happening. We thought we were going to have to deal with a trench cutting our house in half, but thanks to the technology and knowledge of the crew we only had to have one room dug up (and it was ready for a remodel anyway). From scheduling at the office, to the guys who had to do some digging outside during a Phoenix summer, and those who made sure our house stayed as clean as it can during such an invasive project. Thank you to all of you at Schroeder Plumbing!