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Affordable Plumbing Mesa AZ
Affordable Plumbing Mesa AZ, Schroeder plumbing has been plumbing for over 40 years and has seen it all. Our experience is what sets us apart from our competition. We are NOT a large corporate plumbing company that will send a technician. Just to repair your plumbing and HOPE that he does it correctly. We know what we are doing. And will guarantee that you will receive the time, attention, and quality of work you would expect. A willingness to do whatever it takes to do the job the right way, sets us apart. We take pride in our attention to detail and quality of work. Call Schroeder Affordable Plumbing and you will be provided with the service and workmanship that all those large plumbing companies can’t give.


plumbing repair Mesa AZ
Plumbing Services Mesa AZ Insurance Repair Work

Most insurance companies will allow an expense for locating cause and origin of water damage and locating fees which become part of the claim expense when a claim is filed. Coverage is usually only extended when there is resulting damage caused by either a sudden and accidental release of water. Or a sewage overflow that is caused by a one-time blockage or collapse of a sewer line. In some cases it is not covered so do not be duped into thinking that your insurance company will reimburse you for an expensive plumbing repair that an unscrupulous plumbing company claims will be a covered loss.

Other plumbers may use high-pressure sales tactics to intimidate homeowners into paying for something that might not need to be done in the 1st place. That type of plumbing contractor is looking to do the MOST damage they can do to justify their exorbitant fees. Please be cautious. We have seen it too many times and know how unscrupulous some plumbing contractors can be. Don’t allow yourself to become one of their victims. If a repair is necessary, Schroeder Plumbing will ALWAYS attempt to make the repair. In the least invasive and most cost-effective manner possible. Our integrity is our most valuable asset! And we will protect our integrity and your property as if it were our own.DOWNLOAD “Repair Authorization Form”

Sewer Cleaning
Trenchless Sewer Replacement
Cast iron is metallic and will eventually rust through. ABS plastic doesn’t have the same issue, but can be prone to cracking if it is under stress. Roots can find the slightest presence of moisture and once it finds the source it can grow into and break pipes and fittings. Until the pipe is repaired or replaced it will continue to require periodic cleaning which can be costly over an extended period of time or VERY expensive if you call the wrong plumber! Once-upon-a-time sewer replacement required a trench over the entire length of pipe being replaced.
NOT ANYMORE! Schroeder Plumbing has invested in “Pipe-Bursting equipment that allows us to pull new pipe into the old pipe using the old pipe as a conduit. PE SDR_17 pipe is used which is engineered to be flexible enough to pull through 90 degree bends without breaking. It does require that a hole be excavated at each end of the pipe that will be replaced to allow for an entrance point for the pipe and for the hydraulic rams to be set up in the exit hole to pull the pipe through. This protects against damage to flooring, landscaping, driveways and sidewalks and can also save money. Call us for a FREE estimate! Water lines can also be pulled in with minimal damage to your landscaping, driveways and sidewalks.
plumbing repair
Plumbing re-piping Mesa AZ
Galvanized piping will rust. Copper piping will corrode. Some plastics will crack or burst. Depending upon the issue it might be repairable or it might be more cost effective to replace it rather than dealing with ongoing issues. When that is the case we can take care of it in the least invasive and most cost-effective manner possible. Our prices will be competitive, but our workmanship can’t be beat. Call Schroeder Plumbing for a FREE estimate!
plumbing pipe reroute
Mesa AZ Pipe rerouting plumbing
When you have a pressurized water leak or a collapsed/broken drain line beneath the slab and have a ceramic tile floor that is continuous throughout a large portion of the home it might be the best time to consider a reroute. A reroute consists of eliminating the line that runs beneath your floor to bypass the bad section of pipe. A pressurized water line can be rerouted by running it up through the attic or ceiling. And reconnecting the new section to the pressurized lines inside the wall at the other end of the pipe where it comes up through the floor. A sewer line can sometimes be rerouted outside OR a pipe-bursting. method may be used to avoid damage to the floors.
We would never advise breaking through a ceramic tile floor to repair a leak because anyone who has ever had to replace a ceramic tile floor knows how messy and invasive removing and replacing a tile floor can be. The other issue that a homeowner has to consider is that when a pipe is excavated & repaired through the floor. It is only putting a ‘band aid’ on a pipe that could possibly spring another leak or collapse again. Because it is already being compromised by corrosion. Schroeder Plumbing can give you our honest, expert opinion for free once the leak or collapse has been located. Give us a call for a FREE estimate!
Sewer Cleaning
Sewer Cleaning Mesa AZ
When you have a clogged drain line or sewer there are only 2 ways of clearing the blockage. One option is to use an electronic “snake” which will penetrate the clog so that the sewage can run down the drain, but can’t completely clear the line. The other option is to hydro-jet the line which will clear everything that is not pipe from the sewer/drain line. Both can be effective to get sewage flowing again, but hydro-jetting the line is the only way to be sure that everything that can be removed IS removed. Schroeder Plumbing has the right equipment for the job and the skills to accomplish the task. Give us a call when you need expert drain service!
water heater services repair
Mesa AZ Water heaters repair & services
Most water heaters come with a standard 6-year warranty. The warranty covers parts and the tank only. But does not cover the cost of removal of the old water heater. Nor the installation of the new water heater. It is easy to determine whether there is any warranty left on your water heater. It’s by taking down the serial number from the manufacturer plate on the front of the water heater. Then enter the serial number into the appropriate place on the manufacturer website. If you have warranty left, it is possible to get a new water heater from a local distributor. But you might be required to call a licensed plumbing contractor who can properly diagnose the issue and deal with the manufacturer.
If your water heater is out of warranty, whether it is still functioning or not. It is advisable to replace it to avoid having to mop up from a potential flood. It is advisable to drain about 5-10 gallons out of your water heater every 60-90 days by attaching a hose to the drain at the bottom of your water heater. This will prolong the life of your water heater and help to make it more efficient. If you need help with your water heater give Schroeder Plumbing a call to get honest answers to your questions. If you have warranty questions we can give you the answers.
inspect your sewer video inspection
Inspect your sewer with video inspection
Schroeder Plumbing should be your first call if you need to find out where a problem might exist in your sewer/drainage system. We are a trusted resource for most insurance companies to give an honest appraisal of issues related to sewers and drainage systems. There are many rip-of artists, scammers, and shysters that will be willing to give you misinformation and astronomical estimates. And for sewer repairs that may or may not be necessary, because they know that you are in a panic. Their sales tactics are high-pressure. Send them away immediately then call Schroeder Plumbing for an honest appraisal. We may need to charge a fee to re-inspect your sewer, but we might be able to save you from being fleeced by an unscrupulous plumber and from unwanted or unwarranted repairs. We will never charge a fee for an inspection without giving clear markings where there might be issues that need to be addressed in the event that you would like to get competitive estimates. Demand no less from anyone else.
plumbing pipe leak detection
Plumbing pipe leak detection
Sometimes finding a leak requires a you to think “outside the box”. But you have to have a good understanding of “the box” in order to do that. Schroeder Plumbing not only has the ability to find a leak, but we understand plumbing systems and the building structure so that we can determine the least invasive and most cost-effective means of repair. We use state-of-the-art locating equipment to locate leaks, drain collapses and to mark them out properly so that you can get competitive estimates for the repair if you should choose to do so. Schroeder Plumbing will give you a competitive estimate and the least invasive option. Along with an estimate for the most cost effective repair. If you allow us to make the repair you will be glad you called us!

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John Schroeder of Schroeder Plumbing Mesa AZ

John Schroeder saw the need for a plumbing contractor with integrity who could be trusted to not only to investigate and give a correct diagnosis, but also to determine the least invasive and most cost-effective means of a CORRECT repair. He saw too many jobs that were done in a haphazard manner at a ridiculous cost to the homeowner and to insurance companies. That is why he sold his restoration contracting company and started Schroeder Plumbing. Creating “Cheerleader Customers” is what we do. We have relied on word-of-mouth to grow our business and still rely on word-of-mouth today. We value the trust that is placed in us to do the job correctly and at a fair price.
Mesa AZ Plumber matt bradshaw

Master Plumbers in Mesa AZ

Matt has been with Schroeder Plumbing since 2010 but has been plumbing since 1999 and carries a master plumbers card from his years as a union plumber. Matt is happily married and is the father of 4 children whom he adores. He is always willing to do whatever is necessary to take care of his family and our customers.
Mesa AZ Plumber ray benson

Ray of Schroeder Plumbing, the best plumbing provider in Mesa AZ

Ray has been with Schroeder Plumbing since 2013 and always brings a smile to the workplace. His cheerful nature is infectious and always brightens the gloomiest of days. We at Schroeder Plumbing enjoy his attitude and his desire to make people happy. Prior to coming to Schroeder Plumbing he had worked in the property maintenance field for a large apartment complex so he has a ‘MR. FIXIT’ mentality. He is the father of 3 boys and loves to participate in their scouting and camping activities.
Mesa AZ Plumber vincent bivens

Plumbing Expert in Mesa AZ

Vincent is relatively new to Schroeder Plumbing, but he comes to us with vast experience in the plumbing industry, not to mention a ‘can’t quit’ attitude and a cheerful disposition. Always ready to do whatever task comes his way with a quick show of gratitude for having job to do. Always willing to work and enjoy whatever he is asked to do. It is hard not to appreciate a good hard worker. If we had to give him a nickname it would likely be ‘digger’ because he is always the 1st to pick up the shovel when something needs excavation. He is the father of 6 children and loves baseball and camping.
Mesa AZ Plumber adrian contreras

Mesa AZ, Experience in Plumbing Repair and Diagnostic

Adrian is our new kid on the block, but has vast experience in both the plumbing repair side. As well as the diagnostic side of the plumbing business. He is our expert locater for both video inspections of sewer & drainage issue and in locating pressurized water supply leaks beneath the ground. Sometimes locating plumbing issues requires not only someone who can think outside of the box. But also requires the patience of Job to explore all options. Anyone who loves to fish as much as Adrian does NEED to have patience! Adrian and his wife are the parents of 3 children.
Mesa AZ Plumber jessica gonzales

Mesa AZ Plumbing Company

Jessica is our office manager, bookkeeper, receptionist, scheduler, forklift and keeps everything running smoothly. She is the one who answers the phone M-F 8-4 and listens to after hours messages to make sure that emergencies are properly handled in a timely manner. Jesssica schedules the crews according to needs. And also tries her best to speak intelligently about stuff that she doesn’t understand (plumbing), but she IS learning. Bilingual and speaks fluent Spanish. She goes to the gym regularly and can out-lift almost everyone in the company, hence the ‘forklift’ tag (just among us employees). She and her husband are the parents of 2 darling children who come into the office with her from time to time when her daycare falls through. They are delightful!

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